December 31, 2007

welcome 2008!

I wanna greet all my Blogger friends/Visitors, A Happy & Prosperous New Year 2008!

~ My New Year's Resolution ~

To live life to the fullest..

To live each day for a new reason..

To spread smiles and be happy.., throughout each passing season.


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I hate winter season due to the fact that the weather and temperature are extremely cold for me. I always dreamed of spending our winter holidays in the tropical islands. Taking Hawaii vacations for example is just perfect. Love the sunny weather, hot climate, nice beaches and everything the place has to offer. Renting a home, villas or even condos to stay in Hawaii is not a problem. Maui vacation rentals & Kauai vacation rentals are there to served everybody. It is a worldwide vacation rentals website where travellers can book directly a villas, homes & condos depending on the choices of the clients. Perfect for travellers and tourists!

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December 30, 2007


Who would'nt want to own an HDTV at home? Well, everybody i think.. and hubby are one of them. But, finding a great deal is not that easy.. that's why i told him to wait, particularly that he wants a FULL HDTV which is a lot more expensive. I've read about an online retailer of HDTV's and other related products such as : Sharp, Samsung, Toshiba, Denon, JVC, Hitachi and many more. This site is really great! because they're also selling products that came from factory close-outs, overstocks, end-of-life, open box and etc. Second Act are likely the lowest cost provider of home appliances on the Internet. Aside from that, they are offering Great Deals everyday. Anyone interested can sign up and recieve daily promos via emails or thru RSS. So, if you are looking for great deals on HDTV's and other related products? visit now!

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December 29, 2007

Treasure Award

This is a beautiful "Treasure Award" given to me by these lovely ladies Juliana Sunshinenorm & Joydob Thanks a lot friends, for considiring my blog a "Treasure" wink*

Now, i'm glad to share this award to Lolli Vicki Carlotz Glorie Kookie Ladynorms

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December 28, 2007

Getting a good Insurance

As far as i know, every french individuals do have Insurance and so are we. This could be either Life Insurance, Family Insurance or Education Insurance for the children. Subscribing an Insurance is a good Investments for the future as well. But, i've noticed that as the years pass by our Insurance premiums are getting higher too. I've talked to a friend about this issue and she told me that they are subscribing a Family Insurance thru An online source for Life Insurance. Well, curious to know about this company, I was then browsing the website and find it very interesting! Because everyone can asks for a Life Insurance Qoutes, Term Life Qoutes & Universal Life Qoutes Instantly. If you are interested, you can visit thier website at

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All about Love

Once again thanks to Sunshinenorm for this one:)

here's the questions :

1) can ex-lovers be friends? For me, why not? Forget the past & go on w/the future.

2)do you think it's ok to date someone if ur committed already? I'm a one man woman.

3)what do u think is the biggest cause of a break-up? For me, it's infidility.

4)are u inlove w/someone at the moment? oui, avec l'homme de ma vie:)

5)are u missing someone at the moment? my family in pinas most especially this holiday season.

6)would you die for the one you love? yes, till life after death.

7)do you think love hurts? it depends

8)what's the best thing about love? love is understanding, giving and forgiving.

9)what's the worst thing about being love? yong di kayo magkasundo ng partner mo.

10) will you wait for someone u love? always, because i can't sleep w/out him by my side. wink*

11)what song best describes your life at this moment. everything i do.. i do it for you:)

12) do you wanna get married? i am happilly married for 16 yrs now:)

13)have u talked to the person u love on the phone? i talk to him in person, anytime, every minute. hehehe*

14)is love always on your side or the opposite way? on my side, always:)

15)do you have a gay/lesbian/bisexual friend? yes, in pinas.

16)are u sick of love? absolutely not.

17)are u sick of questions of love? nope

18)what are u going to do tomorrow? don't know yet.

19)what do u want so bad right now? i want my girl to be home at this time:)

20)do u think money is everything? money can buy everything but not happiness.

21)what song are u listening right now? nothing

22)what's the song that u last downloaded? christmas song

23)how much do u love music? about 50%

24)have u written ur own song? no, i'm not good at it.

25)what's the movie that you last watched? chinese movie "le secret des poignards volants" i love it!

26)do u believe in forever? yes, like diamonds. lol*

27)what's the last words you want to say to ur bf/gf/special someone? je t'aime beaucoup, passionnement, à la folie! wink*

Now, im happy to pass this tag to everybody who wants to answer..

Thank you for stopping by!!

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December 27, 2007

Visiting Ireland

Have you already been to Ireland? If not, you should put this country on top of your list of travel destinations. Dublin, the Capital City is noted not only for its vibrancy, nightlife and tourists attactions but also it's the popular point of entry to International visitors to Ireland. And while there, don't miss to visit Cork City. Cork City, was named the capital of European Culture in 2005. Infact, Several Festivals like: the Midsummer festival, Film festival and Jazz festival are held annually giving the visitors the opportunity to experience the wide range of music, theatre and films. Then, last but not the least, take a tour to Belfast too? Belfast is an interesting city. It was voted the fourth best city in the United Kingdom. I'm sure your visit in Belfast will be rewarded with a glimpse of its uniqueness. The city are exhibiting clubs and shops, bars and restaurants at a very affordable rates. Don't worry of where to stay? There are lots of good hotels in these cities for you to choose from.. Ireland Hotels Dublin Hotels Cork Hotels Belfast Hotels are offering last minute deals. Quite interesting for tourists and Business travellers!

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7 weird things

Was tagged by pretty Juliana & Butchay: Thank you ladies for sharing this w/ me:)

Here are the rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to thier blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on thier blog.

And here's the 7 weird things about me :

1. i'm weird because i've eaten "escargots & huitres" last christmas. lol* take note! (it's one of the french specialty during christmas) hehehe*

2. i hate doing the "ironing" so, i did it only on sundays and hubby knows siya ang magluluto sa araw na iyon. lol*
3. don't want to be disturb kapag nanonood ako ng pinoy teleserye. lol*
4. i don't answer phone calls when i'm not in the mood. lol*
5. most of my friends, particularly hubby loves to watch 24 hrs (chrono) pero ako, am not really interested to it.
6. i hate going out during winter.. nakakatamad kasi lumabas pag malamig ang panahon.
7. kapag sinusumpong ako, i can stay for days w/out saying a word. lol*

Voila! finally, natapos ko rin ang assignment na 'to. Now, i'm happy to pass this tag to Lanie G Lucille Vicki Malou Janese Joy Rolly

Have a nice day everyone...

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December 26, 2007

What do my stars say about me?

Tagged again by
Norms : Thanks madame for always thingking of me:)

I was born 26th of September which falls under the sign of LIBRA. I don't know if i got all the good qualities stated here. wink* But, all i can say is that i'm fun, loving and easy to get along with:)

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

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December 25, 2007

Chou..chou.. Train

Got this tag from Lolli & Denz. Thank you friends!

The rule: When you get tagged, you have to add your name below the person who tagged you and by doing so you are letting the list grow.

I love trains too! most especially the TGV's (High Speed)ones. This is our means of transportation everytime we went to Paris.. w/out it, going to Paris by car wouldn't be easy for us. Anyone wants to have a ride with me? Here, I come!! Chou..chou






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Add your site here..

Now, i'm happy to pass this tag to: Vicki Janese Coco Norms Carlotz

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Close Combat Training

Nowadays, dangers of violence are everywhere and it could happen to anybody at anytime no matter who you are and where you are. We kept on thingking what self defense we have to adopt to defend ourselves from these aggressions most particularly to our young ones. Recently, while surfing on the net, i came across this site Close Combat Training and read the story of Captain Chris Pizzo Captain Chris' Close Combat who dedicated his life to spreading the truth about martial arts and self defense after he was nearly stabbed to death during a road rage attack. What happened to him, was really very scary. I think everyone should take precautions in order to avoid these things to happened. Taking martial arts training could helped a lot in defending oneself, mostly those who were living in places where violence and dangers often occurs. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry. Visit to know more infos, bio & video clips of the World Leader In Self Defense.

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December 23, 2007

Christmas greetings

From our home to yours..

Christmas Thoughts

Some people think of Christmas
As a sleigh rides in the cold
A tree that glistens of tinsel
And decorations of silverand gold.

Some people think of Christmas
As stockings dressed in red
A crackling glowing fireplace
And a warm and cozy bed.

Some people think of Christmas
As faces filled with glee
Sharing stories, fun and laughter
And gathering 'round the tree.

Some people think of Christmas
As gifts wrapped up in blue
Writing letters to thier loved ones
And Christmas caroling too.

Some people think of Christmas
As snow falling on the ground
The hustle and bustle of shoppers
And the joy that's spread around.

Some peope think of Christmas
As Christ on Christmas day
And families joined together
With heads bowed down to pray.

Some people think of Christmas
As the Lord who dwells above
Who sent His son to die for us
And gave the gift of love.

Author :
Marilyn Ferguson

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Things to see & do in London

As a child, i always dreamed of visiting other countries and i know deep inside that those were just illussions for me. But now that, i'm here living in Europe, i could tell that my dreams would finally come true. I often told hubby, that one day we gonna visit the cities of London, Manchester and Birmingham in the U.K. Because, i'm very much eager to discover Brittains hidden treasures. Would love to visit also the Buckingham palace where the Queen Elizabeth lived. And besides, no problem of where to stay. I heared that lots of Hotels in London, Manchester, & Birminghan are offering last minute and year round accommodations at prices often less compared to making reservations directly at the hotel. This is really great! at least we can save bucks. I'm sure spending a vacation in these three beautiful cities in the truly worth remembering. Come to think of it!

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December 22, 2007

clothes, toys & accessories @ Shopwiki

Dont know what gifts to give to moms & future moms? I've got good news for you. is an online store that has everything mom needs from babies to children's clothings and toys . At Shopwiki, you can also find different accessories ranging from car seats , strollers , playpens down to nursery furnitures, beddings & linens all at great reasonable prices! A very nice gift giving ideas this christmas too! Shopping online is very convenient and stress-free. So, hurry! make your last minute shopping at I'm sure moms & soon to-be moms will truly appreciate these unique gifts. To know more about the products they are offering, take a look at thier website here!

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December 20, 2007

My Compatible Zodiacs

I was tagged again by Norms : Daghan salamat madame.. suki na jud ta ani. hehehe*

Actually, i really don't believe this kind of thing. lol* Hubby got only 43% but the most important to me is that, we get along so well and already looking forward of our 17th years of togetherness. wink*

fun quizzes for myspace profile and blog

Now, i'm happy to pass this tag to Vicki, Lucille, Janese, & Lolli

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Hunting for a rooms or an apartment to stay? is the right place to be. is a clear leader in online apartment rentals, roommates & sublets. This service is available in many places around United States, Canadian Cities & the United Kingdom. I chatted with a friend recently, who are planning of relocating somewhere in the United States and i told her that they should give a try! So, no need to worry of where to stay? Let your fingers do the walking.. check-out now.

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Are you having a "bad credit" problems? is a great consumer resource service whose goal is to help those people who are having "bad credit" problems to get back on thier feet financially. allows visitors to compare dozens of bad credit offers from other major credit companies. With you are sure to find the best credit that suits your financial budget. These establishment are offering credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans and a whole lot more. And besides, by making up-to-date payments with them, consumers can rebuild a better credit in the future. So, if you are searching for the best and competitive credit offers online.. take a tour at now!

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December 18, 2007

Student Loan Consolidation

Here's a great opportunity to parents and to all high school students.. college students & graduates who were in difficulty of pursuing thier desired careers due to financial difficulties. has a solution to all your needs. In this company, every student who wants to pursue with thier dreams can apply for a Student Loan Consolidation and go on with thier studies. And besides, getting a Student Loan Consolidation, they can avail with the lowest student loan rates possible. If they want, they can also ask for a Private Student loans too. Quite interesting, aren't they? So, parents out there, no need to worry anymore of your child's tuition fees. For more detailed information, you can check-out thier website at

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True Blue Award & Friends/sister Week Award

Got this true blue award from Lolli.. merci beaucoup madame! you're so sweet:) Actually my favorite animal is "petit chaton" (little cat) but dolphins are cute and friendly too. kaya love ko na rin. wink* And here's another cute Friend/Sissy week award i got from my other friends : Norms & Denz. Thank you so much guys!
Now, i'm glad to pass this friendly doggy to those who wants to adopt him:) Ingat kayo.. dahil super laki ng mouth niya. lol*

Have a nice day!

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December 16, 2007

Gold Bullion

Good news to all Gold lovers.. wether you are individuals or professionals. is the fastest growing way to buy and sell gold bullion online. Individuals can buy direct to each other in a selected International vaults situated in London, New York and in Switzerland. Buying gold at BullionVault is more safe & secured because gold are held in high security Mat vaults. So you don't have to worry about your treasures safety. I've notice nowadays that there are many people buying gold to protect thier wealth from bank panics due to the world economy strains. To know more about this website, visit and look for the gold price chart. Don't worry if you don't speak english, you can have the website translated into french, German & Italian languages.

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December 15, 2007

What kind of sandwich are you?

Here's another tag from Ladynorms : Again, thanks a lot my friend :)

You Are a Ham Sandwich

You are quiet, understated, and a great comfort to all of your friends.
Over time, you have proven yourself as loyal and steadfast.
And you are by no means boring. You do well in any situation - from fancy to laid back.

Your best friend: The Turkey Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

What Kind of Sandwich Are You?

Yep, I love ham sandwich.. hehehe* And i think the definition above suit me well, I'm quite & a little bit shy (at first) but when you get to know me more.. i'm so madaldal and pala ngisi. lol* "great comfort to all my friends" opps, ask usa ko nila (friends) what they think of me! wink* "loyal" Of course, I really am. hehehe*

Now, i love to pass this tag to vicki kookie, & ms carlotz

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December 13, 2007

Chat Lines

Good news to all Chat lovers! is a free local Phone chat line service that offers live chat and voice personals. Everyone can call in for free. They can either chat live or leave messages thru voice personals, so that others can hear when they are off on the phones. These Free chat line service is the easiest way to get in touch to friends & family most specially this christmas season.. whether they are living in your area or in the cities accross the United States. Of course, there's no need to give out your phone numbers and be anonymous when you are connecting on the system. Want to know more about this new Phone chat line services? You can visit thier website at Try them now!

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Sometimes, we need to re-arranged and re-decorate our homes, to give a more different look, style and beauty. And Lamps are one of the many accessories that everyone needs to make a home a perfect place to stay. Lamps and lampshades adds beauty to your interieurs. are selling all kinds of lamps you need, such as : table lamps , desk lamps , floor lamps and torchieres in a wide range of styles at the lowest prices from top manufacturers. You can shop either by lamp brand, lamp application or by lamp style. So, If you are searching for some good buys this season.. take a tour at and browse all of thier selection of lamps.

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December 12, 2007

Passing awards

How happy i am when Norms pass me this cute awards. It brings sunshine to my day.. thank you so much dae Norms.. you're so sweet. wink* Now, i pass this awards to these lovely ladies : Vicki , Choko , Kookie , Lucille , Lolli & Janese

Have a great day everyone :)

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December 10, 2007

Things to see & do in Ireland

Christmas is just around the corner and people are confused of what gifts to give to thier beloved ones. I was thingking that celebrating christmas away from home is quite a unique christmas gift ideas for everyone. Taking a vacation to Ireland with your whole family is more exciting and fun. There are lots of interesting places to visit there. If you happen to go Ireland for a vacation, don't miss to see the famous Cardiff castle , Millennium Stadium, Llandaff Cathedral, Royal Armouries Museum, Temple Newsam and many many more . Don't worry of where to stay.. Leeds Hotels and New Castle Hotels offers cheaper and affordable rates for each and everyone's budget. And it is located not far from many other tourists attractions like: St James Park , and the Quayside Bridges. To know more about Ireland and the Capital city of Dublin you can take a tour at thier website at Hurry now!

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Every 2nd week of May, majority of countries were celebrating Mother's Day.
A very special day of all moms, step-moms, and soon-to-be moms to get pampered by thier children and loved ones.
I remember way back when my girl was still a pre-schooler.. kids are used to create cards and wrote poems to offer to thier moms. but as the years passed by.. things have changed too. With this isn't a problem anymore. offers you lots of beautiful gifts ideas on how to celebrate Mother's day worth remembering. And besides, planning ahead makes the day even more exciting. Let's give them the best gifts they deserves. Why not organized a day trip or planning a perfect family picnic? I'm sure mom's would loved it. For more great ideas, visit now!

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December 09, 2007

Common writing problems

Tagged from Lanie G! Once again, thank you so much for thingking of me:)

Now, I'm glad to pass this to Vicki, Lucille, Malou, Janese, Lily

Here are the rules:

~Start copy paste~Instructions

To play this game, all you must do is explain what your most common writing mistake is.
Then, simply tag 5 people for the meme.
Those 5 will, in return, tag 5 more people.
Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes.
Therefore, anyone who feel ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure.
Copy the person and persons' names that sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list.
It really helps build community.

The answers:

Shine with Grace : Mixing the word 'from' with 'form' all the time.
Trinity : I sometimes feel confused to use past tense or present tense when I share my stories.
LadyJava : Typing too fast that sometimes I miss words in between.
Genie King : I type too fast too... always end up with 'tot he'... when it should be 'to the'.
Spiff : I type too fast that I end up with sentences that have no spaceinbetween... LOL!
Nessa : Mostly grammatical mistakes... but it doesn't really bother me as long as my readers understand :)
Choc Mint Girl: Obviously grammatical error due to lack of vocabulary…but getting better and better and better…he he he…
Liza : I type too fast too that's why sometimes my spellings are wrongf... see. Lol ;) And same with Grace, mixing the word from and form at times. (I'll be posting this tag to my other
blogCecil: errors on grammar and sometimes I don’t know where to place my comma or when to use colon or semi-colon :( too.)

Nancy: I'm always trying to use every function of my fingers but can't really help but slip which resulted to pressing the wrong key most of the time.
Darlene: I always made a mistake by typing HELATH instead of HEALTH. Sometime the FOR is FOT because the R and the T are very close to each other lol! Anyway i always do mistakes when i type, everybody does i guess no matter how good you are in typing you always make some mistakes.Bisdak Footprints I usually have wrong typo when I am in a hurry typing entries during PPP time because need to be fast so I can grab as many opps as I can.For that,wrong typo making my english look worse to others.They read it before I can do some editing..they might think my english is so bad..ahhermmm...but i edit it anyways...
Twerlermz : I'm using basic or simple english most of the time so i think my most common mistakes are : redundancy, spelling and grammar (toink!)
Thira: I type too fast too, sometimes my mind is way ahead with my typing so I miss out and misspell words and I have to go back and read again and correct it. Sometimes using the past and present tense in writing, and using the hyphen properly,wehehe:)
Juliana: I always mis-spell "you". More often that not I type it as "oyu" because I'm typing fast and because it's a three letter word, it's prone to get typed incorrectly. It's good there's a spelling checker hehe, I always catch the mistake before it is published.
Teebob : If I write an article about a male person I often use her or she instead of him or he.
Norm : Sometimes I'm confused of the grammar and right spelling. Then I'm typing so fast that usually miss-spell taht instead of that and many more. , I dont know how to put my link just my name on it so pardon me..maybe you could help me this. Anyway, my common mistake is my grammar, spelling specially if I'm writing. I dont usually spending time to read the direction just answer the guestion quick. My son got this bad habit that I want to break because its a big mistake even I until now I still do. I don't like reading a lot of article. I only ready when it is very interesting not boring.
Amy : Sometimes confused with spelling and grammatical problems.. I used to write words like ( freinds) instead of friends & words receive instead of recieve. lol* And besides, it's not that easy most particularly if your living in a french spoken country.

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Rain.. rain.. go away

Guys.., hope you all have a nice weekend! Pertaining us in France.. we're doing good too. kaya lang, almost two weeks na palaging umuulan dito sa lugar namin.. sometimes may kasabay pang hangin. my godness! this is too much already. kailan kaya ito matatapos? of course, no one can tell.

gusto pa naman sana naming lumabas ngayon dahil christmas season most stores are open on sundays. kaya lang, when you see the weather outside.. mawalan kana ng gana. how i wish to be in pinas this time of year, but impossible pa sa ngayon dahil sa schooling ng anak namin. so ayan, mag tiis nalang muna si ako:(
Well, much to that.. last night we're watching Ms France 2008 beauty pageant held in Dunkerque. but sad to say that one of my favorite (Ms Nouvelle-Caledonie) to win the crown got only the first runner-up title. Enfin c'est sont les peuple que decident. Anyway, here's our new Ms France 2008! Guapa man pod cya.. pero mas prefer jud naku tong isa. wink*

Thanks a lot for reading! Have a nice week ahead..

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December 07, 2007

Blog Disclosure Policy

This blog policy is valid from 08 February 2008

This blog is a personal blog owned and written by me. This blog accepts form of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of conpensation.

This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of retlationship, opinion and identity. The compensation recieved may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner (s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Eventhough the owner of this blog recieves compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions findings, beliefs or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blogger's own. Any product claim, statistics, qoute or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

The owner (s) of this blog would like to disclose the following existing relationships. these companies, organizations or individuals thay may have a significant inpact on the content of this blog.

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December 06, 2007

My blog's reading level..

I was tagged by Lanie G. Thanks a lot Mareng:)

Here's the rules :

Take the test and see which grade your blog is.
Make sure to link back to me on your post.
Tag at least one person.
When you're finish taking the test, come back and comment here so I can check your post.

cash advance

Now, i give this tag to a fellow blogger : Janese

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December 05, 2007


Got this tag from Lucille.. thanks a lot madame!

Well, Actually, i didn't travel Philippines that much when i was young free & single.. hehehe* kaya hanggang letter "D" lang ang grade ko.:)

I've been to Manila once for some important matters.. gone to Cavite and visited some relatives there. I also lived once in Mindanao region and finally settled in the Visayas for good.

My Lakbayan grade is D!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out here at Lakbayan!

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December 04, 2007

Advantage Term Life

Nowadays, internet is the best tool for searching informations about Insurance Companies that offers a competitive and Cheaper Insurance Rates. Well, Advantagetermlife has it all. They are selling all types of life insurance policies, including universal, term, employer group polices and a whole lot more. Advantage term life
also gives you Lower Insurance Premiums and Employee Benefit Insurance Packages. Want to know more about the company's profile? You can take a tour online at It really worth a try!

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Are you looking for a better health care insurance with high deductible insurance options? then, try Advantage Medical Qoutes they are offering multiple types of health care insurance, such us family insurance policies, student plans, group policies & many more. With Advantage Medical Quotes, you sure can save money on your insurance fees.

In order to know more about them and all the insurance services they are offering, you can visit thier website at and asked for a Medical Quotes for all your insurance needs.

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December 02, 2007

tag from norms..

Got this tag from Norms.. madame, thank you for thingking of me:)

Here's the Questions :

1. Would you rather be alone OR surrounded by enemies for the rest of your life?

= Of course not! I prefer to live sorrounded by friends rather than enemies.. lol*

2.Are you an Early bird or a night owl?

= C'est une très bonne question.. hehehe* ashamed to tell.. but yep, i'm a night owl:-(

3. When sick, do you prefer to be pampered OR left alone?

= Pampered bien sûr! lol*

4. Do you believe in the relative OR the absolute truth?

= It depends but.. i do believe in absolute truth.

5. Which is worse, the Burning Question OR the Painful Truth?

= The Painful truth..

Now i'll pass this to all of you who wants to answer ..

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November 28, 2007

salamat choco..

when i woke up this morning and opened my blog, i was surprised and happy to see the new look of my house.. wow, i loved it!

Thanks to a very good friend Ms. Carlotz who made this things possible despite of her busy schedules.. wink* I know that doing things like this takes time and effort.
Carlotz, thank you very much again for your thoughtfulness! we're so lucky to have a friend like you. smile*

Grosses bises

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November 26, 2007

What is life..?

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.

Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.

Mother Teresa..

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November 23, 2007

Something in my wallet..

Got this tag from Agring : Salamat Gring for tagging me.. ma update na jud naku ang ako blog. lol*

5 things found in my bag :
1) mes lunettes (eye glasses)
2) cellphone
3) perfume (miniature)
4) baume à lèvres (lip balm)
5) hanky

5 things found in my wallet :
1) cartes bancaires (visa, atm, fidelity cards etc.)
2) carte d'identité (french identity card)
3) permis de conduire (driver's license)
4) carte vitale (health insurance card)
5) money

5 things found in my/our room :
1) meubles de chambres
2) tv
3) telephone
4) réveille
5) photos de famille

5 things i've always wanted to do (some i did already, some can't anymore, and some are yet to be done)
1) wanted to have "ventre plat" lol* (but not possible anymore) kay tigols na. hehehe*
2) own a house in pinas (have it already) many years ago.
3) wanted to have kids (got one) she's 15 yrs now
4) try to overcome stress/fear while driving.. hmmn, well see. lol*
5) know how to cook better.. (trying hard kaau.) hehehe*

5 things i'm currently into :
1) watching Abs-cbn interactive
2) started putting xmas decors
3) doing bisnis sa ebay (sahay lang)
4) blogging sometimes
5) pray that my friend will get better soon

5 people to tag for this meme :

Brownie.. Lucille.. Janese.. Vicki.. Lanie G

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November 20, 2007

storm hit cebu..

i was so worried when i've read in the local newspapers via the net.. that Cebu Islands was hit with the tropical storm Lando by surprise. right then, i hurriedly called my family back home in Cebu to know if everythings ok with them, and i felt completely releived knowing that they're all safe from harm. thanked God!

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November 17, 2007

thank you all..

dear friends & visitors! Just want to say thank you for constantly visiting my place although i'm not always around. wink* I'm sorry for being silent for quite some time now.. well, things are doing good here with me & my family and i thanked god for that. Medyo tinatamad lang talaga ako mag blog lately.. parang feeling ko nag hi-hibernate na yata ako dito. lol* Of course, sa lamig na ng panahon ngayon sino ba naman ang hindi. hehehe*

Again, my heartfelt thanks sa lahat ng mga tags at bisita ninyo: to Ms. Lolli, Poray, Charidoy, Jluttrul, Madame Cille, Teebob, Francine, Arlene, Norms, Janese, Mila, Vk, Dhay Phoebs, CheMik, Jolie dame, Carlotz, Glorie & sa lahat na di ko na na mention dito. I know i owe you a lot already.. i try to visit each & everyone of you when i get a chance. . pangako iyan. wink* Grosses bises à vous tous!

Nga pala, sa mga gustong maki pag exchange links sa akin.. maraming salamat din sa inyo. I'll add you to mine as well. Enjoy your weekend...

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November 01, 2007

remembering kalag2 sa pinas..

Every 1st day of November, Filipinos especially Roman Catholics observed All Saint's Day!I remember way back my teenage years... As a family tradition.. my grandma used to prepare different kinds of foods for the occassion and she then make "halad" (food offering) for our dear dead ones. The foods were put in the altar and at exactly 8:00 o'clock in the evening.. we offered prayers for the dead. Right after the prayers.. we all ate together. The following day, November 2nd (All Soul's day).. Everyone in the family goes to the cemetery and offered prayers, masses, flowers & lighted candles in the tombs of our loved ones. Oh, how i wish to be with my family (back home) on this special day.


By the way, if you have time.. read this article i found on the net:

"Reasons why All Saint's Day in the Philippines is better than Thanksgiving in the US
1. You're not obliged to serve turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie to your family and they can't complain if you just hand them out kornik and kropek.
2. You get to hang out in the cemetary.
3. There's no football here so you won't miss anything if you go to the cemetary.
4. Family reunions--deceased members included.
5. You think you're in Lollapalooza when you reach the cemetery except that instead of rock and roll, you hear cheesy, bakya music, Britney Spears, the current hits remade into dance tunes or some drunk man singing off-key to a karaoke song.
6. Collecting candle drops so you can either sell them or use them to wax your floor.
7. We have none of that "I'm so thankful for yada-yada-yada" crap those crappy Americans are so full of; heck Erap's already a handful.
8. You get to hit on girls/guys in the cemetary and people won't think you're some sort of sick weirdo.
9. You've always wanted to have a picnic in an exotic place, well here's your chance; the local memorial park's waiting for you.
10. You have to be actually thankful for anything.

Thank you for stopping by!

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October 26, 2007

vacation napod

starting today is the beginning of the 10th days school holiday in France. c'est les vacances de la Toussaint . our girl a sophomore student in Lycée Pasteur was so glad that finally she could stay in bed till 12:00 noon without doing any homeworks or whatever. lol* and for us parents, what a relief too. hehehe* finally we could go anywhere in the countryside doing sightseeing or taking a short walk and breathe the fresh air. hubby & i used to having a short walk dans les sapins. we both love the smell of the pine trees.. and of course fresh air in the countryside is good for health to. wink*

Well, life is wonderful indeed! hehehe*

have a nice day everyone..

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October 16, 2007

storya lang..walay lingaw:)

Hello friends, how's life going? kami dito ok lang.. still breathing. lol* sorry, absent permi akong byuti sa blogging karon panahuna kay busy gamay kuri-kuri og bisan unsa nalang diris akong petite haybols. wink*

recently, i bought a pair of (ready made) curtain.. ambot ba! basta magkuyog na gani ming duha sa akong miga curtains man dayon tirada.. ang kataw-anan pa jud kay parehas mig style permi paliton. lol* ako napalit kato with rings na. karon kay hilig lagi og (terno2) permi.. nagpalit sab ko og tela to make a table cloth that goes with the curtain. ah sus, pagkahapon, wala jud naku katulgi tawon.. kay gusto man dayon nga isukod ang kurtina.. ako pod dayon gitahi ang table cloth aron terno. toink* pastilan, permiro palang tamak naku sa machine.. putol ang hilo.. taud naku balik.. then putol napod.. & so & so. aguy! sa kadugayan gisapot jud intawon ko do. ang ako buhat imbes eager kaayo kong mahuman og pilo ang panapton.. nag sigi nalang kog tangkas sa akong agi! grrrr!! i told anab.. i had to stop doing it.., kay basin mabalibag jud naku ang machine. lol* btaw, storya ra pod to naku ibalibag uy..! kalouy sa machine kaha no.. brand new pa kaayo og sayang wa na koy gamiton kon mag pilo og jeans. ang idea.. ako nalang gihunungan.. aron sab mo kalma gamay akong ataki sa "kaspa" hahaha*

imbes gisapot ko nakatawa hinoon.. kay giingnan kos akong petite coquinette (alyssa) nga.. kalma lang diha mama kay ma stress napod ka.. nipis na baya na imo hair... lol*

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October 10, 2007

weather makes me crazy..

i hate this time of year, because weather started to getting cold.. aside from that panay pa ang ulan. i feel like crazy going outside taking a short walk or doing une "petite course".. in other words nakakatamad talaga. how i wish i could be in pinas at this time of year.. yon ba na pwede kang lumabas na naka sando or sleeveless lang without worrying na mag ka kasipon ka or whatever due to the bad weather. ay naku! nangarap na naman ako dito ng gising. :-(
kaya ito, to warm up myself.. i did my dose of exercise in cleaning the house,.. vaccuming.., doing the laundry and etc. resultat, une maison propre et agréable. hehehe*

thank you for reading! have a nice day:)

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October 08, 2007

de tout et du rien..

hope you all are doing just fine! back here; we're doing ok naman. weather is very frustrating these days.. tugnaw na & always cloudy ang langit;-( kalami baya ibalik sa pinas uy! lol*

today,i went to my dermatologist.. ako gipa check-up akong buhok (bagol2) area kay mura nipis naman ako paminaw. lol* of course.. it's just a precaution. kay saon nalang kon ma siopao ta. kuyaw na! hehehe* my doc said: one of the causes of hair loss is stress.. tubag pod naku "dili man ko stressée doc" daghan daw meaning sa stress ingon cya: stress due to bad weather (ex: autumn/winter); stress due to worries; health problems & etc. he told me to have a blood (laboratory) test and trichogram para daw mahibaw-an ang cause. he also prescribed something for my hair treatment for a couple of months. sure, i'll have to make it.. kay kaayuhan raman pod naku. di ba! wink*

lahi ra jud sila dinhi.. i remember sa pinas kon duna ing-ani nga problema: ang tambag mostly kay " aloe vera" (leaves) dayon inusnos kay epektibo jud daw makabaga sa buhok. pero, asa man pod kaha ko kita og aloe vera dinhi sa europe? ngehhh*

does any of you had already encountered such problems? then, what kind of treatment (binisaya) you are using? let me know.:)

Thank you for stopping by!

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October 05, 2007

50 ways to appreciate life..

1. Watch the sunset.
2. Smile more.
3. Complain less.
4. Surprise a friend with a call.
5. Develop your gifts.
6. Count your blessings.
7. Talk to someone in an elevator.
8. Breathe consciously once in a while.
9. Enjoy sneezes
10. Appreciate that your leg isn't broken.
11. Be unique.
12. Sing in the shower.
13. Put your shoes on the wrong feet and laugh at yourself or have someone laugh at you.
14. Make someone's day or night.
15. Stand on your head.
16. Stare at the world above you.
17. Play with an animal.
18. Slurp Jell-O.
19. Do something unplanned.
20. Plan to do something and have it go as planned.
21. Stand back and look in.
22. Appreciate a paradox.
23. Dive in.
24. Get grass stains.
25. Wave your hands in the air.
26. Swim with the fishes
27. Make maple syrup.
28. Climb a tree.
29. Spin in a circle once while walking to class
30. Tell someone they look nice.
31. Collect something.
32. Walk barefoot every chance you get.
33. Build a sand castle or a snowman.
34. Walk with no destination.
35. When all your exams are done, treat yourself to an ice cream cône.
36. Entertain yourself by making faces.
37. Don't just listen, try to hear.
38. Wear shoes until they're so old they won't stay on your feet.
39. Appreciate the primary colors.
40. When you wake up, realize you're alive
41. Walk in the rain.
42. Blow bubales.
43. Make the most of where you are.
44. Jump as high as you can.
45. Dance
46. Talk less and say more.
47. Exercise before you diet.
48. Learn to play chess.
49. Sit by a river.
50. Never lose your sense of humor.


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October 01, 2007

What style of womens jeans are you?

Skinny Jeans

You are classy and a bit formal when it comes to your personal style.
Your look is feminine and well put together - and never trashy or too trendy.

Me.., i do really love jeans, because i feel so confortable on it. In fact, i used to wear them more often.

What about you?

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September 30, 2007

manga-on ta..

holidays are over.. and unfortunately weather is getting worst too! when i woke-up this morning, temperature outside is down to 2°c .. too cold for me huh. :-(
wala unta gana igawas og lakaw.. but felt obliged.. since it’s our “grocery day” louy pod akong anab og siya lang usa.. and besides mas prefer naku kaming duha kuyog kay para walay malimtan og palit kay what is may “kodigo” (lista) man jud ko dala permi. lol* while in the supermarché .. i've seen lots of shoppers nipalit og “choucroute” with matching smoked meats & sausages.. makes me think na “toud diay.. lami na ikaon og "choucroute" kay tugnaw naman. so, i went to rayon “charcuterie” and order the ingredients nescessary for the recipe. while waiting to get served.. anab was searching for a bottle of vin blanc (reisling) wine to used for the recipe. na surprised siya kay nahut-dan man ang tindahan og (reisling & gewurztraminer) wines.. i said to him laughing: "nahurot ila display kay tanan shoppers namalit og choucroute. lol* finally, after a lot of searching.. we’ve found one bottle of reisling left in thier display. And voila..! un delicieux choucroute pour le diner, préparez avec amour par mon adorable époux . C'est drôlement bon:)

Enjoy your weekend! Bisous..

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phrase translations.. just for fun:)

Are you harboring a fugitive? Hu Yu Hai Ding?

See me A.S.A.P. - Kum Hia Nao

Stupid Man - Dum Gai

Small Horse - Tai Ni Po Ni

Your price is too high!!! - No Bai Dam Thing!!

Did you go to the beach? - Wai Yu So Tan

I bumped into a coffee table - Ai Bang Mai Ni

I think you need a facelift - Chin Tu Fat

It's very dark in here - Wai So Dim?

Has your flight been delayed? - Hao Long Wei Ting?

That was an unauthorized execution - Lin Ching

I thought you were on a diet - Wai Yu Mun Ching?

This is a tow away zone - No Pah King

Do you know lyrics to the Macarena? - Wai Yu Sing Dum Song?

You are not very bright - Yu So Dum

I got this for free - Ai No Pei

I am not guilty - Wai Hang Mi?

Please, stay a while longer - Wai Go Nao?

Meeting was scheduled for next week - Wai You Kum Nao

They have arrived - Hia Dei Kum

Stay out of sight - Lei Lo

He's cleaning his automobile - Wa Shing Ka

He is a fat man - Wun Fat Gai

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