October 16, 2011

perfect place for leisure & fun!

Next summer hubby and i would love to spend our family vacation in Singapore, God willing. Personally I really love visiting this country for so many reasons. Well, simply because there are so many things to see and do in Singapore. Be it for shopping, dining, sightseeing and tourism. Aside from that, it is only a few hours away from my native land. The huge stainless steel buildings, splended skyviews as well as a clean and green community makes this city a perfect place for leisure & fun!

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extra phone for her

I'm glad i finally found samsung phone battery that i’ve been looking for. Actually i have an extra phone that is no longer of use and decided to send it to my mom thru balikbayan package. I just need to get a new battery charger because the old one seems not working perfectly well. Luckily i fall in with samsung phone batteries available on sale. Pretty sure my mom would be more than happy to recieved it!

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