January 23, 2010

winter sale

Winter sale in France are still going on. Dd and i went shopping yesterday and we had lots of fun. Many boutiques in the city have installed point of purchase displays featuring lots of interesting stuffs and items plus sale went down from 50-75$ off! For about a hundred of $ i spent i've got two ladies trousers, a blazer and a tunique shirt. A very good deal indeed:)

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January 17, 2010

boxing fanatics

I was laughing when my brother asked me if i knew of some natural testosterone boosters that work. I asked him why? He said he's eager to try it. Oh well, i can't blame him. A Large number of Filipinos are boxing fanatics. Looking at the strength and endurance of Filipino Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and other famous boxers out there it's not a surprise that men were getting fascinated with thier looks:)

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adult acne treatment

Adult acne is one of the problem that most women experience in thier 40's due to hormonal changes. I hate to admit but yes i am one of those. I have already tried herbal and homeopathic medicines but unfortunately i am allergic to this kind of medication. I think i need to see my dermatologist and asked him of an effective
adult acne treatment. Something which is safe to use of course!

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get more hours of sleep

How's your weekend guys? Hope you had a great one! Ours, not that bad as well. We had heavy rainfall all over the weekend so we decided to stay home and make myself productive. I love re-arranging things around the house and this irritates JP sometimes. lol* Now i am done with it and is here in front of my computer browsing www.tretinoinreviews.com. In a while i'll be going to bed to get more hours of sleep.

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