September 18, 2010

under medication

I just learned that my friend who was confined in the hospital last week is now out of danger! Few days ago, I am extremely worried about her but thanked God that she’s ok now. When i talked to her on the phone i felt the stress and sadness on her voice that made her really burned out. For now she is under medication but is not taking hgh supplements so far. I hope she will get better soon and be with her family.

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It’s always a pleasure when you heard people telling that «you look younger at your age» In my case, i heard it a lot of times already which makes me think that maybe they are right! lol* Of course, i am forever grateful knowing that at my age, i'm not into using anti-aging treatments yet. Don't get me wrong as some of these products really made wonders. Infact i am reading anti aging product reviews from time to time and find it really interesting!

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September 15, 2010

proud of her

It's been two weeks since the school had started, but i feel sad for my daughter since she's having lots of homeworks to do everyday. She’s now in her first year in CPGE or «Classes Prépas». Life in C.P.G.E. isn’t that easy because of the amount of work required for every students which are exceptionally immense. Adding to thier class time are the hours spend each week working on oral examinations and khôlles. Probably it's the same thing with lsat prep courses. Students must have patience, hardwork and self-reliance to make it work!

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spend less

Weather starts to getting cold, i can feel the autumn breeze now! I love autumn literally, but hate winter due to the fact that i can’t stand the cold freezing weather. One good thing about winter though, is that we celebrate christmas! I remember back in my homeland wherein people make use of putting christmas decors as early as month of September, can you imagine that? Here in France is very different, since i have mine installed at the very last minute. hehehe* Anyway for this year, i decided not to spend much on xmas decors. I just need to buy a set of mini led christmas lights and voila!

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