April 21, 2010


I was talking with my mom back home in the Philippines this morning via pc to pc calling. She was so glad to know that we are going to PI this summer. As a matter of fact i am excited as well too! I'm just a little bit worried though when i learnt that my mom isn't in good shape. Arthritis are bothering her lately and is dealing with joint pain from time to time. I hope things will get better soon.

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consult a specialist

Teenagers are prone to acne due to hormonal changes. I know what i'm saying since my daughter had been through this stage way back a year ago. Of course there are many over the counter acne treatment available, but choosing which one that works is another story. Good thing to do is consult a dermatologist for they knows best about the kind of treatment that's good for your child's skin.

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lucky me

Dealing with weight loss are sometimes difficult! I feel blessed for i never experienced having overweight problem in my life. Truth to that i can eat whatever foods that pleased me without the risk of getting fat. Unfortunately, not all people were as lucky as i am. Although there are many weight loss supplements that promises better results, but still it's good for everyone to read reviews in order to know the do's and dont's to avoid surprises!

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