December 31, 2010

directory submission service

I’ve been into this blogging thing for several years now and i can say that i’m enjoying it to the fullest. Actually i run four active blogs and have them submitted to dozens of seo friendly directory submission service to help increase inbound links, pageranks and traffic. One good thing about having a blog or website is that you can earn extra $ out of it. I’m sure you can do it too, so why not give it a try?

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December 04, 2010

very irritating

What would you do when you discovered that your bathroom faucet is leaking and the person or plumber who is destined to do the repair is nowhere to be found? I'm sure it is very irritating, right! Well, today we encountered such situation and because it’s saturday it is very difficult to find someone who is willing to do the job. We need to wait until monday to have it fixed:(

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November 27, 2010

muscle supplements

There are several ways and methods on how to build muscle fast. One of the easiest solution i heard of aside from the traditional workout program is by taking muscle supplements. I know that choosing the right treatment that works are somewhat difficult, that's why it's best to read reviews to be able to find the ideal product. is featuring a complete list of the top rated muscle supplements based on effectiveness, speed of results, product safety and value!

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sign of aging..

Wrinkle is a sign of aging, and wether we like it or not it is already part of our lives. This sudden changes of skin is quite inevitable and makes us feel older too! I hate wrinkles but i know we have to accept the fact that nobody will forever stay young in this world. lol* The only thing we can do right now to avoid it from getting worst is to find the best wrinkle creams.

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pick the right one..

How to eliminate unwanted fats? What a good question! lol* Well, according to the many reviews online, there are many diet pills and fat burning products available in the market. However, you need to pick the right one though because not all of these weight loss supplements are effective and safe to use. In order to find the best fat burners, i suggest to make your own research based on the products effectivity, quality and value!

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November 25, 2010

non 12 step

Dealing with drug addiction is not an easy thing to handle and I am very grateful that nobody in my family are facing this kind of ordeal. Addiction is a chronic medical condition that needs to be treated well. Malibu Horizon treatment center are offering an effective researched-based non 12 step therapy program in the world. For those who are looking for an individualized theraphy, this is probably the right place to go.

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November 20, 2010

not into texting..

I'm not very particular when it comes to mobile phone, infact i'm still using the same unit for more than two years now. Believed it or not, i'm not fond of sending sms either. I better much prefer making a call rather than texting at all. That's why despite of some interesting mobile offers i got, i choose to kept it for as long as it works. hehehe* I just need to get a new lg phone batteries to replaced the old one i have and voila!

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November 15, 2010

hearty dish..

We just had a get together at home with a couple of friends coming from the nearby city. Hubby prepared his favourite choucrôute garnie, a famous Alsatian winter specialty. This hearty dish is composed of various cuts of cured pork meats, smoked sausages, potatoes and fermented cabbage. The food are known to be rich in calories that's why if you are on a diet mode, better forget your beauty regimen. lol*

On my part, there’s nothing to worry at all because there are some ways to burn calories more easily. Curious to know about the
fastest ways to lose bellyfat? Go ahead and visit the link provided therein.

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i thought..

Few weeks ago acne is no longer bothering me. I thought i finally get rid of it. However, these past few days i was having a hard time falling asleep due to seasonal stress and all. So then again here i am looking for the best acne treatment. Could anyone tell me about the right product to use? I really would love to hear from you!

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November 14, 2010

steel barrels

When i visited a friend the other day, a dozen of stainless steel barrels catches my attention. I can’t help but asked her what she’s gonna do with all those drums. She laughed and said that she used them for storing some rain water for her plants and animals. What a great idea huh! Not only she can saved money out of it but also rain water is good for the plants as well.

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perfect tool

Venturing into a retail business is no longer a problem thanks to today’s advanced technology. Retail POS systems has everything you need to get away from a mechanical register system and into computer-based retail management. The reason why it is good to have this electronic device is because it is designed to work straight out of the box. Equipped with monitor, receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, PC, and etc. These things helps speed up the check-out process and yes, such a perfect tool indeed!

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October 24, 2010

agence de traduction

Lorsque vous possédez un document rédigé dans une langue que vous ignorez, vous devez vous adresser à une agence de traduction. Evidemment de nombreux sites vous proposent ce service gratuitement mais avec quel résultat?

Une agence de traduction doit être fiable, présenter les garanties nécessaires de sérieux, de rapidité et de sécurité. Cette agence de traduction existe, elle se nomme "Translia" et vous pouvez en découvrir toutes les caractéristiques sur son site web.

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October 23, 2010

causes of weight gain

Gaining weight is very frustrating to a lot of people and i do understand them. Watching your every diet is not a fun thing to do at all. Luckily i didn’t experienced such concern because up to now i am still trying to get back the few lbs. i’ve lost during summer. It may sound stranged but true! Anyhow, gaining weight is often a result of lack of sleep, medical condition, increased stress and menopause. If you want to learn more about what causes weight gain, visit!

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acne scar cream

I had this acne scar that i'd like to get rid of.. but the question is how? One of my friend advise me to try acne scar cream. Well, I don’t know nothing about this product and how effective this treatment would be. However i am willing to give it a try, who knows it works for me. But if it’s not, then i will search for other ways perhaps a natural home remedy would be great too!

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October 21, 2010

get ready for the holidays

Christmas is fast approaching, a season where parties and family gatherings are very frequent. Pretty sure many of us intend to shed out few unwanted kilos to be able to look sexy and fit for the holidays. Personally, I hate going to the gymn, so i have to look for other ways to burn fats. One of the easiest solution that came into my mind is to find the best weight loss product. What do you think?

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October 19, 2010

yearly cure

Oh how time flies! It's been more than a month since autumn begun, i should've started taking my yearly cure now. Actually, my daughter and I are "used" to taking up vitamin c serum as a sort of prevention from getting sick during autum and winter season. Vitamin C is known to treat common colds and provides plenty of benefits to our body. Just like regular consumption of oranges it also helps individuals in dealing with several ailments.

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October 03, 2010


I often heard a lot of people having a hard time getting disability insurance to which they are entitled to. Good thing many professionals out there delivers services directly to consumers needing thier help. Allsup is a leading nationwide provider of financial and healthcare related services to persons with disabilities. They have helped thousands of people recieved thier entitled ssdi and medicare benefits they merit. If you are dealing with such problem, Allsup can surely help you with it!

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healthcare job bank

Can’t find the job you’re looking for? Well, i have good news for you. If you are searching for a job in the health care and medical industry, healthcare job bank is the perfect place for you to go. The website are featuring thousands of recent job postings for you to choose from. Best of all, you can also post your resumes if you want to. Fantastic huh!

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mixed emotion

It's been a month since we left from the Philippines but i got the chance to talked to my mom just today. I’m glad to know she’s doing well and in good health. I also learnt that there will be a new addition to the family soon because my bother and his wife are expecting a baby this spring! Honestly I have mixed emotions with regards to this birth announcements. The couple has already several kids and maybe it's now time for them to plan for thier children's future! What do you think?

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health insurance in nc

Buying health insurance policy is vital to every individuals because it serves as an absolute protection in times of emergency! Blue Cross and Blue Sheild (BCBSNC) is North Carolina's leading health insurer offering affordable health insurance in nc. Temporary health insurance, term life insurance, dental insurance and student health insurance are one of the many products they are selling. If you are interested you can get a free quote online!

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September 20, 2010

hgh releasers

Everyone of us really wanted to look younger, feel younger and stay younger.. of course! who wouldn’t? But the question is: how? Well, i think living in the world of new technology and the unlimited reputation of hgh releasers., this thing won’t be a problem anymore. I have read that HGH supplements enhance ability and age-defying power. This is probably a safe and effective way for us to achieve that goals, what do you think?

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Eating is one of my favorite activity these days especially now that autumn is here. I love baking fruit tarts and take advantage of the fresh fruits of the season. I don't know why? but it seems like cold weather serves as an appetite stimulant to me. hehehe* Luckily, i'm not that big, and could eat whatever foods i like without having the risk of getting fat. Most of my friends are even wondering of where i stored those calories taken because i always remain that slim. lol* Honestly, i don't have an idea on how to lose weight fast since i never tried any of it!

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easiest way to burn fats

I was reading health magazine and stumbled in one of the articles concerning how to lose weight. It's true! in today’s society women are most likely concerned about thier looks compared to men. No wonder, more and more people are now going to fitness gyms in order to keep them healthy and fit. However, not all people love sports too. So i think they should try looking for the best fat burner products that helps get rid of unwanted fats without doing exercise at all.

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September 18, 2010

under medication

I just learned that my friend who was confined in the hospital last week is now out of danger! Few days ago, I am extremely worried about her but thanked God that she’s ok now. When i talked to her on the phone i felt the stress and sadness on her voice that made her really burned out. For now she is under medication but is not taking hgh supplements so far. I hope she will get better soon and be with her family.

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It’s always a pleasure when you heard people telling that «you look younger at your age» In my case, i heard it a lot of times already which makes me think that maybe they are right! lol* Of course, i am forever grateful knowing that at my age, i'm not into using anti-aging treatments yet. Don't get me wrong as some of these products really made wonders. Infact i am reading anti aging product reviews from time to time and find it really interesting!

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September 15, 2010

proud of her

It's been two weeks since the school had started, but i feel sad for my daughter since she's having lots of homeworks to do everyday. She’s now in her first year in CPGE or «Classes Prépas». Life in C.P.G.E. isn’t that easy because of the amount of work required for every students which are exceptionally immense. Adding to thier class time are the hours spend each week working on oral examinations and khôlles. Probably it's the same thing with lsat prep courses. Students must have patience, hardwork and self-reliance to make it work!

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spend less

Weather starts to getting cold, i can feel the autumn breeze now! I love autumn literally, but hate winter due to the fact that i can’t stand the cold freezing weather. One good thing about winter though, is that we celebrate christmas! I remember back in my homeland wherein people make use of putting christmas decors as early as month of September, can you imagine that? Here in France is very different, since i have mine installed at the very last minute. hehehe* Anyway for this year, i decided not to spend much on xmas decors. I just need to buy a set of mini led christmas lights and voila!

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August 31, 2010

hottest deals

Yesterday my daughter and I were suppossed to go out shopping for her school supplies but unfortunately it didn’t went through. She was having fever in the late afternoon and decided to just stay home. Worried that she won’t have enough time to have those school equipments before thursday, i told her to shop online instead. Good thing website are offering cyber monday deals that makes her saved up to 70% off. Such a great savings indeed! Now i'm looking forward of it's Black Friday sale. I’m sure it’s the best place to find the season’s hottest deals!

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Philippine cigars

I got a call from a friend this morning asking me what kind of gift i brought her from our vacation in the Philippines. I was laughing and told her that if she want some dried fish, then i could give her a few. It sure smells strong, but tastes good in anyway. lol* Yeah, i admit everytime i went home in Cebu i always brought some local goodies when i return back here in France. I remember many years ago i never missed to bring Philippine cigars as a sort of presents to JP’s friends. I knew they both loved montecristo cigars but i just want them to try our very own Philippine tobacco product as well.

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August 22, 2010

purist crystals

Diamonds are women's best friends and i do agree with it! This precious stone symbolizes purity, virtue and an expression of true love. diamonds are among the purist crystals and according to many it is also known to have physical and optical properties. That's why a lot of people are longing to have one in thier lives. If you are looking for that perfect diamonds, Brilliance is a good place for you to go. Don't miss to check them because there are lots of good deals that awaits you.

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July 25, 2010

swiss luxury watches

I loved watches and if there's one brand i would really like to have is no other than the famous Swiss watches called Patek Philippe. It's been a long time that i've been eyeing for this luxury brand however, it seems a bit pricey to me. So, i have no choice except to wait for the big sale or better yet put them on my wishlist for a possible christmas presents. Great idea, what do you think?

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July 10, 2010

enjoy the summer fun

School break is here again! Ms A. was so happy that finally there's no more homeworks to attend to. A time for my girl to relax and enjoy the summer fun! Our departure is getting nearer now, we are leaving on the 13th however our luggages are not ready yet.
Today despite of the hot weather, i am obliged to go and see our doctor for some medications needed for the trip. There's also this annoying acne that i want to get rid of. If you know of the
best acne treatment, then i am curious to give it a try!

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July 09, 2010

better luck next time

Today, right after having our lunch i was in a hurry baking apple "tarte tatin" since i thought that my friend will pass by this afternoon. But a while ago she called up telling me that she couldn't make it due to some reasons. Anyway, it's ok because i will be away for some errands too and it's hard to say exactly what time i'll be home. For the meantime while waiting for my tarte to get done, i'm here infront of my pc reading liporexall review!

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July 08, 2010

sunscreen protection

Going on a beach vacation is exciting and fun most particularly for hubby and Dd who loves snorkeling. It reminds me of last year's summer vacation with some friends in Argeles Sur-Mer. It was truly wonderful! But this summer of 2010 would be different since we decided to spend it far away from home, in the tropics to be more exact. That's why, it is important to bring mosquito repellent, sunscreen lotion and wrinkle creams to protect our skin from harmful UVA/UVB.

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July 05, 2010

on a diet mode

One week more to go and will be our scheduled departure for a two months vacation in Asia. Yeheyy! I'm getting excited to see my beloved Cebu islands. Although France is a beautiful country with lots of historical & interesting places to visit however, i still miss my homeland the Philippines especially my family, the local foods, the beaches and everything. Truth to that i'm on a diet mode now, hope slimming pills works for me.

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benefits of taking hgh supplement

Does taking Human growth hormone supplements really needed to achieve one's physical goals? Are these products truly effective and safe to use? Honestly i'm curious about it! According to what i've heard, hgh hormone is responsible for growth and cell production. It also promises to reduced body fats and slow the sign of aging, sounds interesting huh! Anyway, if you are curious (like me) try to read an article concerning human growth hormone facts to know other benefits you can get out of it.

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July 03, 2010

home repairs

Summertime is just perfect in doing some home repairs. During our six weeks vacation in the Philippines, hubby and i are planning of having our vacation house getting re-painted again. Living near the seafront werein humidity is extremely high is such a burden, plus not to mention the salt sea water that destroyed your furnitures, appliances and etc. This year we are going to replace the bathroom fixture too. I'm just worried because euro currency is on it's lowest rate at this time!

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May 30, 2010

easiest solution

I'm not a good cook but these past few days i was inspired of trying to baked cakes. Actually i loved fruits tarts, infact these are one of my favourite desserts. Of course, i need to be careful with my diet because summer is getting closer and we are going on vacation for two months in the tropics. Oh yeah! the sun, the sea and the beach! hehehe* But before anything else, my goal is to shed a few kls to be able to fit on those swimwear i've bought. I think top fat burners would be the easiest solution to it!

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no comment

Dealing with eczema is not an easy thing. As what i've read, this kind of skin condition is difficult to treat effectively. However, it can be controlled. I'm sure a lot of people were asking what could be the best treatment for eczema? If you try to search online, you can find a wide variety of products. But honestly if you asked me what kind of eczema treatments that work? I prefer not to say any comment about it:)

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May 28, 2010


acnepril seem perfect to treat acne however, i am thankful that i no longer need it! I admit acne has been bothering me few months back due to the beauty care products that i was using. Having oily skin is prone to acne and needs particular cleansing solutions to avoid pores from being clogged. That's why from now on, i am very careful when it comes to choosing facial cleansers and use only with oil-free creams and moisturizers.

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May 26, 2010

dealing with migraine

Migraine headache is quite difficult to dealt with, i am talking this in behalf of my friend who is dealing with migraine for several years now. I am very grateful that i never experienced having this in my life because honestly i really don't know how to cope up with it! For people who are suffering with migraine pains take a peek at The website has put a list of different migraine treatments based on it's effectivity and researchers points of criteria!

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unique gift for dad

Father's day in France is celebrated on the 20th of june. This month reminds me of so many things good and bad. June 24th is "used" to be my beloved pa's birthday. But unfortunately he passed away many years ago. I missed him terribly! I know it won't be easy but life still goes on. Anyway since Father's day is fast approaching, Alyssa and i are looking for a perfect gift for JP. I've seen plenty of unique gift for dad online but i don't know yet which one to choose:(

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weight loss problem

Taking diet pill maybe the easiest solution for weight loss problem, however you need to find a diet pills that work. Of course, there are many fat burner products available you can find to which most of them promises better results. My advice is to read reviews first before trying any of these products to avoid surprises. Remember it is better to be safe than sorry!

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May 14, 2010

passion for reading

I really don't have this passion for reading books, unlike my husband and our daughter. Infact each of them have thier own collection of books at home. It may sound stranged but personally i prefer reading health magazines and other sort of journals compared to that of reading books. I am thankful though that my girl got this fondness of books through his dad.

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favourite pastime

I think women's favorite pastime is going on shopping and i'm sure my friends will do agree with me. Shopping is really great provided that we have lots of €uros! lol* Although in France many establishments are offering credit cards or credit reports that fit to our needs, still we have to be extra careful though and use them only when it is necessary.

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May 12, 2010

prenatal care

I agree that getting a good prenatal care is essential for pregnant women. This process is to ensure that growing babies inside them are in perfect health and will develop normally. Thus taking prenatal vitamins are reccommended to soon-to-be moms to help prevent certain complications and risks. These products are available online but i think it is best to consult your physician and seek further advice.

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April 29, 2010

camping & rving

French families adored going on camping especially during summer vacation. This is why it is very common to see lots of tourists travelling in motorhomes and trailers in and around France. Hundreds of tri-star camp sites can be found anywhere just perfect for those who were adventurous and enjoy outdoor life. If you are a regular rver, buying an extended service plan is a must incase of unexpected mechanical trouble. It is a mechanical breakdown insurance that goes above & beyond your rv warranty!

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April 21, 2010


I was talking with my mom back home in the Philippines this morning via pc to pc calling. She was so glad to know that we are going to PI this summer. As a matter of fact i am excited as well too! I'm just a little bit worried though when i learnt that my mom isn't in good shape. Arthritis are bothering her lately and is dealing with joint pain from time to time. I hope things will get better soon.

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consult a specialist

Teenagers are prone to acne due to hormonal changes. I know what i'm saying since my daughter had been through this stage way back a year ago. Of course there are many over the counter acne treatment available, but choosing which one that works is another story. Good thing to do is consult a dermatologist for they knows best about the kind of treatment that's good for your child's skin.

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lucky me

Dealing with weight loss are sometimes difficult! I feel blessed for i never experienced having overweight problem in my life. Truth to that i can eat whatever foods that pleased me without the risk of getting fat. Unfortunately, not all people were as lucky as i am. Although there are many weight loss supplements that promises better results, but still it's good for everyone to read reviews in order to know the do's and dont's to avoid surprises!

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April 14, 2010

furniture collections

Oh yeah! i have seen lots of beautiful furniture collections on sale at Infact there are several items that really pleased me and would love to have them right away. However there are more important things that needs to be prioritize for the moment. Sad to say but those beautiful and trendy office furniture collections can wait. Better luck next time:-)

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outdoor lighting

Just talked to my friend in Germany about our coming vacation this summer. Actually we are going to visit Negros Oriental and explore the islands together w/our family. I never been to this place yet that's why i'm getting excited now. We found a beautiful beach resort situated a few kms away from the city. The resort has superbe bungalows sorrounded with tropical lush garden, a huge pool & jacussi just perfect for relaxation after a long journey. lol* It has also some outdoor lighting too for those who were late sleepers like me:)

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March 28, 2010

fitness equipment

Getting a Nordic Track treadmill is one of the things in my "wishlist" on Mother's Day! Oh yeah, i am eager to have this fitness equipment at home because i am curious of how it is like working on a treadmills. lol* Actually there's a gymn situated just a few blocks away from us but i hate going there alone. So for now, i've got no choice except to go out hiking to burn calories:)

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March 18, 2010

future mommy

Just got back from my friend's house who are living at a few blocks away from us. She and her husband are expecting thier 2nd child which is scheduled to arrived early next year. JP and i were both glad that the couple's dream of having another baby have finally come! Right now the future mommy are doing well and is taking prenatal vitamins since it is vital for her and the developing baby.

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human growth hormone

Actually, i don't know what human growth hormone is all about and why many people chooses to use this product. So i made my own research and came across this article: click here to learn more about human growth hormone. According to what i've read, human growth hormone supplements has anti-aging effects. I don't know how true is it, but it's up to you to find out! wink*

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i missed her

As i have said earlier, me and my family are going to visit my homeland the Philippines this summer. I'm already getting excited here. Few months more to go and i'll be able to see my family and my 85 yrs old maternal grandma whom i missed so much. I chatted with my mom recently and she told me that grandma isn't in good shape now, probably because of her age. I feel sorry for her! I maybe sending some colon cleansing products & treatments soon.

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home remedy treatment

I wanted to get rid of these tiny fine lines under my eye but the problem is that i really don't know if there's an effective wrinkle cream treatment that would help me to completely eradicate it or just even make it less visible. If you guys know of some natural home remedy treatments please share it to me. I am willing to give it a try, who knows it will work for me too:)

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March 06, 2010

she's hired

It's 2010 now but the French economy are still not on it's best. Some private companies are closing it's doors and unemployment rates continued rising. I felt pity for those people who were laid-off without nothing to turn to. Recently i heard that our neighbor next door who's been searching for jobs in administration got hired. She's a good friend of mine and i'm glad that her patience & being courageous has finally paid off!

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I think a lot of shoppers were now very much familiar with ls2208. Actually this object is a handheld laser barcode scanner that most people have already seen in Malls, shops and boutiques. Some supermarkets are even installing self-service machines using this device for clients & shoppers who were in a hurry. This is such a great idea huh! Personally, i never tried it yet but of course one day i will:)

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c'est fini!

Weekend is back! Daughter A was so glad that thier exams (BAC BLANC) are finally over. The past two weeks was very tiring for her in doing study reviews plus not to mention the stress and all. Poor Dd, at least for now she have ample time to relax and enjoy playing her fav nintendo ds games as well as listening music on the newly launced MP3 players, considering that come end of june another exams is waiting for them!

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February 14, 2010

annoying blackheads

how to get rid of blackheads? i heard this question a lot of times already from women coming from different walks of life. Like most people out there i am also curious to know other ways on how to eliminate blackheads. Actually, i'm not into wearing make-up but having this oily skin doesn't spare me from this annoying blackheads every now and then.

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viral disease

I was watching health news program via the cable channel and they were talking about herpes simplex virus. According to a specialist herpes simplex is a viral disease which is easily acquired through direct contact of an infected person. Using condom as a sort of protection helps regulate the spreading of the virus too. Luckily oral and topical treatments are now available that restraint the outbreak of the herpes.

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February 13, 2010


What did you do when you are having a hard time falling asleep at night, are you into taking sleeping pills? Oh yeah, i know this would be the easiest solution but as far as i'm concerned i always opt for the natural way possible. Whenever i had trouble sleeping i used to get out of bed and try some relaxation methods. Sometimes my daughter even laughed at me. lol* But believe it or not it does help!

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building analyst course

JP and his cousin were talking about bpi training course offered by everblue training institute. He seem really interested with this program. Actually he's a bank employee with a good position at the company but i don't know for some reason he wanted to quit his job. Well, knowing him being young and dynamic guy, i'm sure this BPI Building Analyst Course would fit him well.

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lucky meh..

What is the fastest way to burn fat? I heard this question so many times already. Honestly i don't have any idea about it. I think i'm just lucky enough because i could eat whatever foods that pleased me without having the risk of getting fat. I know there are many over the counter products and solutions. All you need is choose the right one that's best for you.

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muscle supplement

BSN Cell Mass what is it? Well, pretty sure men out there who loves to workout already know's what bsn cell mass is all about. According to a review i happened to read online, it is a kind of muscle supplement that helps provide energy and strength to the muscles and therefore increase your workout length. Just read the pros and cons before trying the product!

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February 06, 2010

bio culture

Our climate has changed a lot now and this affects agriculture, sea species and everything. Here in France the French government are trying thier best to find ideas and solutions to help saved our planet and the invironment. Wine growers started shifting into Bio Culture too by means of using free organic fertilizers. Worm vermiculture system is also a most utilized methods as well.. but it is necessary to have equipped with special composters to make it work!

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January 23, 2010

winter sale

Winter sale in France are still going on. Dd and i went shopping yesterday and we had lots of fun. Many boutiques in the city have installed point of purchase displays featuring lots of interesting stuffs and items plus sale went down from 50-75$ off! For about a hundred of $ i spent i've got two ladies trousers, a blazer and a tunique shirt. A very good deal indeed:)

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January 17, 2010

boxing fanatics

I was laughing when my brother asked me if i knew of some natural testosterone boosters that work. I asked him why? He said he's eager to try it. Oh well, i can't blame him. A Large number of Filipinos are boxing fanatics. Looking at the strength and endurance of Filipino Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and other famous boxers out there it's not a surprise that men were getting fascinated with thier looks:)

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adult acne treatment

Adult acne is one of the problem that most women experience in thier 40's due to hormonal changes. I hate to admit but yes i am one of those. I have already tried herbal and homeopathic medicines but unfortunately i am allergic to this kind of medication. I think i need to see my dermatologist and asked him of an effective
adult acne treatment. Something which is safe to use of course!

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get more hours of sleep

How's your weekend guys? Hope you had a great one! Ours, not that bad as well. We had heavy rainfall all over the weekend so we decided to stay home and make myself productive. I love re-arranging things around the house and this irritates JP sometimes. lol* Now i am done with it and is here in front of my computer browsing In a while i'll be going to bed to get more hours of sleep.

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January 16, 2010

busy day..

I had a busy day today doing multiple things around the house, plus a bundle of clothes waiting for me to iron. My goodness! what a life? To tell you honestly one of the chores i hate doing at home is ironing, but what can i do? Getting a house help here costs a lot of money so, i've no choice except to do it myself. Thanks to hubby and dd for helping me too. Now that things are done, it's time for me to sit down comfortably and read hydrolyze reviews.

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January 14, 2010

protein powder reviews

I was reading health magazine online and came across protein powder reviews. Honestly i am curious to know about this product whether it is safe and has no side effects. According to what i have read, a lot of professional body builder are into using protein powder in building muscle mass. Well, careful for those who haven't tried it yet, and make sure to do your own research to be able to find the best protein powder that will meet your standards.

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January 03, 2010

always busy

This afternoon, i was searching for photo graduation invitations online when my friend in Alsace region called me up and greet us «Bonne Année» Happy New Year! I am glad that finally she find time to call me here because with the two jobs she had, she’s always busy that made me impossible to reach her at any moment of the day. lol*

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time for a change

Hello guys.., First and foremost i want to greet you all A Prosperous Happy & Healthy New Year! We are doing great here.. thanked God. Finally year 2010 is here, but just too bad prices of commodities and everything are going up high as well to whom car insurance is not an exemption. That's why hubby and I thought of looking at different insurance companies and asked for auto insurance quote to be able to get the best rate possible. Such a great idea i think!

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