April 14, 2010

furniture collections

Oh yeah! i have seen lots of beautiful furniture collections on sale at OnTimeSupplies.com. Infact there are several items that really pleased me and would love to have them right away. However there are more important things that needs to be prioritize for the moment. Sad to say but those beautiful and trendy office furniture collections can wait. Better luck next time:-)

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outdoor lighting

Just talked to my friend in Germany about our coming vacation this summer. Actually we are going to visit Negros Oriental and explore the islands together w/our family. I never been to this place yet that's why i'm getting excited now. We found a beautiful beach resort situated a few kms away from the city. The resort has superbe bungalows sorrounded with tropical lush garden, a huge pool & jacussi just perfect for relaxation after a long journey. lol* It has also some outdoor lighting too for those who were late sleepers like me:)

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