October 18, 2008

Get rid of extra fats

When I was in my late 20's I never experienced having weight loss problems. I can eat whatever foods I like without the risk of getting fat, but as I grew older things had finally changed and getting rid of those extra fats isn't that easy. I've read different articles concerning weight loss pills available in the market including this liquid fat burner products. I'm just curious to know if this fat burning formulas really safe and effective to use.

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October 16, 2008

Vive l'Automne!

Autumn is the best season of the year aside from springtime. I can say that I'm lucky enough to have lived in this beautiful place known to be the green City of France where autumn foliage is truly spectacular each year. But I admit autumn has it's negative side as well and this is what I hate most. I noticed that when autumn comes, rains & winds are present and because of these.. temperature will start getting colder too. I miss those times when you can wear sexy tops and flip-flops freely without the risks of getting sick. Now, it is necessary to cover ourselves or else bonjour chez le docteur. lol*

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