July 14, 2011

particular goodie

We are invited to a wedding anniversary next weekend, but until now i still don’t have any clue on what gift to buy as presents. Actually i’m looking for something unique and useful at times. My first thought was to buy them a set of personalized drink coasters, what do you think? A dozen of drink coasters with your initials sounds an excellent gift to me. Hope that the host will be charmed with these particular goodie! lol*

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I’m really a novice when it comes to mobile phones, that’s why i really couldn’t tell the difference and specifications between an incredible s phone and a blackberry. lol* Actually i am using the latter for almost a year now and is getting satisfied with it! Sounds stranged! but yeah, am not a cell phone fanatic and hate sending sms either. I admit, having a mobile phone is very important most particularly in times of urgent need!

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July 12, 2011

Italian vacation is over..

Our two weeks vacation in Italy is finally over! It was truly a great experience visiting the beautiful Tuscany region. Hubby, our daughter and I loved the place as well as the good food. No wonder, we came home in France a little bit heavier. Blame it on the delicious gelatos they have in there too. lol* Right now, i might need a lot of hiking or jogging in order to burn the few kilos i gained during the trip. Taking diet pills are also one of the best alternative!

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