April 23, 2009

bad news

Hello guys! I apologize for not being able to return your visits as often as I would loved to. I have problems with my computer for a couple of days now and it's still under repair. The technician said it would take approximately three weeks before I could get my computer back. Could you imagine that? Three weeks without my toy.. what a pity! As of now I've no choice except to use hubby's iMac from time to time when writing paid posts but sad to say that I can't stay long. Have a wonderful weekend to all of you & Thank you for stopping by!

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April 20, 2009

no pinas for this year:(

Every summer we used to spent our two months vacation in the tropical islands the Philippines to visit my homeland and of course to see my family as well. But this year it's quite different, hubby and I decided to stay in France for some reasons. First and foremost is because there are works that needs to be done here in priority. We are soon going to have some home renovation and financially would costs us a lot of money. So, I think it is more wiser for the three of us to spent our summer vacation in the Southwestern France rather than travelling at thousand miles away. At least like this, we can saved bucks too. wink*

These past few days we're really busy, we visited a couple of Hardware stores trying to find the materials needed but, as usual nothing suits our needs. For me it's only a waste of time and energy. Now I better try shopping for materials online. What do you think? I've seen that Better Bathrooms launched a new range of value bathrooms packages, available with thier most popular ceramic toilet and basin sets plus a wide choice of bath styles. And hey, not only that! they are also featuring a wide selection of bathroom tiles, furnitures, mirrors, radiators and other accessories at great affordable rates!

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April 19, 2009

for health reason

Sometimes people changed thier looks to feel attractive and gain more confident with themselves while others do it for health reasons. Few months back my friend undergo dental implantation, she told me of how scared she was during the procedure and I admire her for being such a courageous lady. Thanks to her Cosmetic Dentist who perform the surgery very successfully. It reminds me of Dr. David Whilhite a Frisco Dentist specializes in Cosmetic and General Dentistry.

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