May 28, 2010


acnepril seem perfect to treat acne however, i am thankful that i no longer need it! I admit acne has been bothering me few months back due to the beauty care products that i was using. Having oily skin is prone to acne and needs particular cleansing solutions to avoid pores from being clogged. That's why from now on, i am very careful when it comes to choosing facial cleansers and use only with oil-free creams and moisturizers.

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May 26, 2010

dealing with migraine

Migraine headache is quite difficult to dealt with, i am talking this in behalf of my friend who is dealing with migraine for several years now. I am very grateful that i never experienced having this in my life because honestly i really don't know how to cope up with it! For people who are suffering with migraine pains take a peek at The website has put a list of different migraine treatments based on it's effectivity and researchers points of criteria!

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unique gift for dad

Father's day in France is celebrated on the 20th of june. This month reminds me of so many things good and bad. June 24th is "used" to be my beloved pa's birthday. But unfortunately he passed away many years ago. I missed him terribly! I know it won't be easy but life still goes on. Anyway since Father's day is fast approaching, Alyssa and i are looking for a perfect gift for JP. I've seen plenty of unique gift for dad online but i don't know yet which one to choose:(

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weight loss problem

Taking diet pill maybe the easiest solution for weight loss problem, however you need to find a diet pills that work. Of course, there are many fat burner products available you can find to which most of them promises better results. My advice is to read reviews first before trying any of these products to avoid surprises. Remember it is better to be safe than sorry!

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