January 08, 2011

domain name renewal

I had my domain name getting renewed for another year, so i think there’s nothing to worry anymore when it comes to my website. The only thing that's really annoying is the slight increased of the amount that i have paid this time compared to the past three years. I happened to read different web hosting reviews recently and found cheaper ones, nevertheless i chose to stay with the same web hosting provider for convenient purposes!

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getting excited..

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate l’Epiphany also known as La Fête de Rois! During this occassion we «used» to eat the famous "galette des rois" a French specialty cake that comes up in different varieties. I love the one made of flaky puff pastry layers filled with frangipane filling.. ohh so yummy! lol*

Anyhow, what excite me most is the fact that right after this occassion comes the huge winter sale. I have already seen the store personnels getting busy preparing some
point of purchase displays today. I'm getting excited here now!

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elegant suits & ties..

In today’s high society neckties and bow ties are very popular in many famous events and special occassions. Weddings, business meetings, cocktail parties and other social functions are one of the many important gatherings wherein you can see men wearing elegant suits and ties. I happened to watch a British television shows to which bow ties have been referred to as being cool. I think now, i understand why! wink*

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January 02, 2011

busy day..

Holidays are over, it's now time for us to clean-up the mess. lol* After having our lunch, i started dismounting the christmas tree and trying to put all those stuffs back into place. As you can see it’s not a fun thing to do at all. Mopping and vaccumming are two of the chores i hate doing the most. However, i don’t have any choice except to deal with it! Dd is busy with her homeworks while hubby is out looking for door hardware at a nearby home depot. It is indeed a busy day for the three of us!

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