January 12, 2008

Love & Hate tag..

Thanks to Denz for this tag:)

1. I love to eat: Our native pinoy dishes right now! such as kinilaw, sinugbang isda & tinolang manok w/matching kapayas and kamunggay.. c'est drôlement bon!

2. I hate to eat: Any kind of cheeses. lol* but already get used to (strong smell) hehehe* since it's one of hubby and daughter's favorite. wink*

3. I love to go: For a vacation in Italy to visit Rome and the romantic Venice. lol*

4. I hate to go: Anywhere during winter season.. that's why you rarely see me posing with the snow. hehehe*

5. I love it when: My house is clean and things are in place..

6. I hate it when: I have to do the "ironing" once a week. lol*

7. I love to see: My family and friends happy & in good health..

8. I hate to see: People fighting for whatever reasons..

9. I love to hear: Birds singing, hear the sea breeze, and listening to sweet romantic songs..

10. I hate to hear: When bad things happened to someone who are dearest in my heart..

Voila, assignment done! Now, i pass this tag to: Carlotz Teban Norm & Vicki. Hope ok lang sa inyoha:)

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January 11, 2008

RBS 6 Nations Tournament

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January 10, 2008

Wireless Broadband

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boungon anyone?

Months ago, vicki showed me a photo of this (pamplemousse géante) better known as "boungon" in pinas. according to her.. tam-is daw ni kaau.. of course, para naku.. to taste is to believe kaha no? lol* and yep, après mon dégustation.. i can say that vicki is right, c'est drôlement bon! now, i never missed to buy this pamplemousse géante everytime i go to the supermarket. wink*

manay vick, maka adik lagi ni boungona.. once tasted always wanted. lol*

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Visiting Malta

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Real Estate Book

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January 09, 2008


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I love amaryllis

I never thought that this Amaryllis flower (photo) a gift to me by cousins Helène & Ariane last christmas, would'nt stay long in our interieur because for me, plant like this prefer to be put outdoors only. But, to my surprise.. it seems that Amaryllis appreciate very much the warm atmosphere inside the house and gaves us this lovely bell-shaped flowers in vibrant colors. Naka ka-inlove di ba? And i'm so happy dahil may bagong stalks na naman cya ngayon which is great! Un grand merci à Ariane et Helène pour la jolie cadeau. Bisous..

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January 08, 2008

Vive L'Epiphanie..

In France, every 6th of January we celebrate Epiphanie and traditionaly we ate Gallette des Rois. Before, when i was new here, we used to buy ready to eat "gallette des rois" in most pastry shop. But now that i know how to baked one.. ako nalang magbuhat permi. wink* Here's my version of the famous "Gallette des Rois" in case you want to try it! wink*

Ingredients pour 6 personnes

2 disques de pâte feuilletée
80 grs beurre (fondue)
80 grs sucre
160 grs poudre d'amandes
3 oeufs
4 c.a.s creme liquide
1 c.a.c fleurs oranger (parfum)


1) Mélangez le sucre, le beurre fondu, 2 oeufs et les amandes en poudre.
Parfumez avec un peu de rhum.

2) Etalez cette préparation sur le premier disque de pâte, insérer la
fève et recouvrez avec le second disque de pâte.
3) Dorez le dessus avec le jaune d'oeuf et enfourmez 25 minutes thermostat 7 - 200°C

Eh voila! bon appêtit:)

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January 07, 2008

Ashop Commerce

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Another tagay from Norms

Thanks to dae
Norms for tagging me this 5 in a row :

1. Name one thing you do everyday.

>>I won't miss blogging, lol*

2. Name two things you wish you could learn.

>>Ride a bike & writing the french language w/out making grammatical errors.lol*

3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood.

>>bathing & singing in the rain , playing (tago2 & bato lata) then last but not the least.. riding a carabao and fall down. (kay ako man gud gigunitan ang ikog unya gibunalan pa jud). lol*

4. Name four things that you love to eat but rarely do (in France)
>>dried fish, traditional utan (kamunggay), kinilaw, budbod

5. Name five things that make you feel good.
>>laughing, talking to friends, tickling my hubby & daughter, lol* baking something & watching pinoy teleseryes.

Voila! to those, who would like to answer this tag.. feel free to grab it. Salamat:)

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List Company

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