June 02, 2009

top card droppers of may

My dear friends, Moi et mon univers! would like to thanked you all for constantly visiting here and dropping EC's.. very much appreciated. Below are linky love for the top ten droppers of the month. Un grand Merci à vous tous! Bises:)

Dropper # of drops
Lisgold 27
photodito 27
Between The Sand & Stone 25
FickleMinded-A Life That Is Less Ordinary 24
Living well 21
Wonderful Things in LIfe 19
Internation Musings 17
Three Fates Design - Beaded Jewelry 17
My Sweet Haven 17

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May 31, 2009

energy saving lamps

It's been a while now that hubby and I are planning to replace our
bathroom wall lights. Actually we are using mini halogen lamps in all our bathroom lightings. But I've noticed that it consumed lots of energy that caused our monthly electricity bills to increase too. I think it is best to have them replaced with energy saving lamps to saved €. The photo you see here is a Demitri Collection wall scounce, my favorite. I love the sleekness and simplicity but yet elegant cone shaped shade of this bathroom lighting fixtures.

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j'ai de la chance

In general, healthy eating habit limits excessive weight gain to both children and adults but unfortunately not for everyone! As far as I'm concerned, I eat whatever foods I loved without the risk of getting fat and I'm so grateful for it. I know some people out there are struggling hard to lose weight and I do understand them. Good thing for now it's a lot easier to find the right products and treatments that works best. You can also take a look at Decaslim reviews it provides infos concerning DecaSlim a new diet supplement that you should know more about.

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83 yo grandma

Just talked to my mom back home in pinas via voice chat in YM this morning and glad to know that everyone in the family are doing great! Well, except my 83 yo Grandma. Mama told me that grandma is having health problems, probably due to her age. Recently she experienced symptoms of constipation and need colon cleanse to safely remove unidentified toxins of the body, bloating and irritation. I am planning of sending her some colon cleansing treatment soon.

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