September 30, 2008

Great deals on soccer goals

Soccer games or better known as Football is very much popular in Europe. Football is a kind of sports well-loved by many adults and young ones alike. No wonder at a very young age, most parents enrolled thier children in a club that provides football activity classes to both girls and boys. But if you have more enough space in your backyard it would be a lot better. All you have to do is get a portable backyard soccer goal and let your kids play outside while you're busy with other things.

If you are looking to find a wide selection of the finest portable Soccer Goals you can buy, Soccer Goalz Inc. is the official supplier of the top backyard portable soccer goals at discount prices, from official aluminum soccer goals to youth backyard practice soccer goals. Thier competitive pricing makes Soccer Goalz Inc. the only place to buy soccer goals and soccer goal accessories.

Some of the products they are selling includes:

. Kids Soccer Goals
. Portable Soccer Goals
. Tots Soccer Goals
. Soccer rebounders
. Soccer Backstops
. Portable FastGoal Plus
. Soccer Camps
. 5'x10' Folding Goal
. 6'x12' Soccer Net
. 6'x4' Soccer Goal
. 8'x7' Soccer Backstop
. 6'x5' Sports Backstop
. Soccer Resources & more.

Take a peek at thier website for some great deals!

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September 29, 2008

French is Fun

When I first came here in France, way back 17 years ago.. it was a lot difficult for me for I can't understand or knew how to speak the French language. Learning French isn't that easy but as time goes by with the help of JP and the audio book hubby bought for me I learned to speak thier language little by little. And now, I am proud to say "Je parle français couramment" wink* How about you? Wanna learn french?

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