October 17, 2009

backup important files

Few months ago when I was having computer hard drive failure, it took almost a month before i could get my notebook back. A month without my toy seems like an eternity to me.. well, almost! lol* One thing i regret is when the technician told me that he didn't got the chance to saved any of the files and documents i had on the system. What a pity! So from now on, I am using online backup services to retrieved files just in case same thing happens.

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October 15, 2009

i feel lazy:)

Hello guys! sorry it's been a while since i did my last post here.. "laziness" drives me crazy these past days. lol* Today we had a very cold weather, only 0°c which is a little bit unusual for autumn season. I hate this time of year knowing that winter will soon follow but i got no choice except to lived with it. Right now i started taking hair supplement to fight hairloss caused by stress or seasonal change. I am also searching for an effective diet pill too. I need to make diet pill comparisons to be able to get the best!

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