March 22, 2008

debt relief

Due to the sharp slow down of the economic growth in the United States and the risk of the dollar devaluation, millions of Americans are struggling to cope up with financial difficulties to which many of them even lost thier homes. Goodnews, offers a comprehensive Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation another alternative way to avoid bankcrupty. Superior Debt Relief has special programs that already helped thousands of people become debt-free by negotiating and eliminating Credit Card Debt. They have well trained professional staffs who could give you some credit counseling. People who are facing financial problems of at least $10,000 in unsecured debt and are trying hard to become debt-free are perfect candidates to avail this superior debt services programs. You should know that negotiating your debt all by yourself is not possible as some banks doesn't take debtors seriously. That's why, third party and well trained professional is all you need to make things work.

For more additional information, you can visit thier website at It has featured lots of interesting topics you need to know concerning debt settlement, credit card debt, debt negotiation and more. You can also fill out a form and get a free debt settlement consultation and qoute if you wish!

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happy easter

Easter is the perfect time to remember of the many great blessings God had given us.. and I just wanted to say that your friendship is one of them. wink*
To all my friends.. blogger friends and visitors, here's wishing you every happiness the season can bring!

Finally, adieu.. to the silver of winter and welcome the brightly blooming spring! hehehe*

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March 21, 2008

air purifiers

My daughter is prone to skin allergies since she was a child, that's why using air purifiers at home is of great help to us in maintaining an allergy-free healthy invironment. I know that choosing the best air purifier products couldn't be easy, but as far as I'm concerned, I always go for an invironment friendly products and most of all consumed less electrical energy! wink*

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mover NYC

Moving could be stressful sometimes to many individuals, that's why in order to avoid such hassles most people rely with the help of some moving professionals like Shleppers Moving & Storage. Shleppers mover NYC has established a solid reputation as "Responsible, Reliable, Accountable" and the best of New York's residential and commercial movers. To know more about this company, you can take a tour at thier website and read clients testimonials, news stories and awards!

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sexy chemises

I was surfing for some great deals of underwear online and came across this site I was really fascinated to see lots of sublime chemise and other sexy lingerie outfits in various models, colors, styles and shapes all at a very affordable prices. Such a perfect mother's day gift giving ideas. I'm sure mom's out there will surely appreciate this superbe gifts as well as hubby too. wink*

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tawanan mo ang iyong problema

According to the recent study, laughter along with an active sense of humor helps protect against heart attacks. The old saying that "laughter is the best medicine" definitely appears to be true when it comes to protecting our hearts.

So, I think we should try to incorporate laughter into our daily activities just like taking the stairs instead of elevators, watch some funny videos or try to find ways to take ourselves less seriously. lol*

That's why mga amigos & amigas.. tawanan mo ang iyong problemaaaa! Psst.. ayaw lang pod og palab-ani ha! kay basin ala-an nya ta. bwehehehe*

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March 20, 2008

tagay from Ruby

Yes, sleeping problems..

Hubby & daughter....

Went to bed early kay gusto naku matulog sayo but my eyes won't cooperate:(

Hubby & me doing the grocery shopping..

Stripe polo shirt (gray/white)

writing a blog entry.. lol*

computer.. camera.. telephone..

printed motifs..

not much cash.. i use debit cards in buying whatever.

Thanks to Ruby for this one! Now i'm sharing this tag to those who likes to answer:)

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drink w/moderation

We all know that, a glass of wine or one drink a day for women (and two for men is good for health, because it could helps us protect against heart diseases. But more than that could be dangerous, since it can caused many other health problems like cancer,liver and kidney disease.

So, let us all try to be more reasonable and drink with moderation. wink*

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March 17, 2008

blame it on my body clock

I think, i should be in bed before midnight.. because i've noticed that 6-7 hours of sleep for me is really not enough. I know, there are some people who get by on less sleep while others seem to need more and probably, I'm one of those.

Do you think.. i should blame it on my body clock? or blame it on my blogging thingy! lol*

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tag from marie

Hope, i've answered it right! lol*

1. Today is:
* Monday night

2. I should be:
* in bed right now..

3. The last text message I received was from:
* My family in Cebu

4. And it said:
* that my bro was already in Aussi..

5. I am currently pissed off because:
* I have an insomnia.. and hard to fall asleep

6. My cellphone rings and the song that's playing is:
* a ringing tone from Boygues Telecom

7. I would love to see:
* my daughter maintaining her good grades in school

8. If I could change my last name, it would be:
* Baker (english version) of my last name. hehehe*

9. After work, I love to:
* hmmnn.. not working here.
10 My favorite color is:
* green avocado (just like my layout) wink*

11. I liked yesterday because:
* I started getting some tasks

12. But I still sort of didn't because:
* my mind isn't cooperating w/me; lol*

13. My favorite song right now would have to be:
* i'm falling for you.. (toni gonzaga)

14. I sometimes forget to:
* call a friend:)

15. I currently have a crush on:
* P. P

16. My favorite number/s would have to be:
* 26

17. When I'm in a bad mood, it's better to just:
* leave me as that. don't mind asking me why

18. I really can't stand:
* Lies

19. I'd break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend right away if:
* not available anymore..

20. If I were to get stuck in an elevator with someone, it would have to be:
* avec mon chéri..

21. I'd really like to improve my grades on:
* done w/my schooling for a long time now..

22. The last thing that wasn't food that I bought with my own money is:
* some skinny jeans..

23. The name of the street where I live is:
* rue de la Mouillère

24. I have never ridden:
* a parachute

25. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is:
* share some to those in need..

26. One bad habit of mine is:
* saying "attends" (wait)

27. I go out to:
* take a walk w/a friend doing shopping & window shopping..

28. I am very attached to:
* my family

29. One friend who is not from my college is:
* too many to mention

30. I am currently stressed because:
* I'm lack of sleep

Okay, it's your turn to share to answer this.. Have fun guys!

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flower for all occassions

Need flowers for all occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries? can help you make it easy and affordable. FiftyFlowers provides a variety of bulk flowers on wedding events with premium roses, calla lilies, rose petals, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas, peonies and many other flowers and greens. Buying at FiftyFlowers usualy saves customers up to 75% on the flower cost. The flowers are then shipped and transported by FedEx express direct from the flower farms where they are freshly cut, processed and placed in bulk bundles then have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Of course, flowers can be ordered in large and small quantities. Goodnews, FiftyFlowers are also offering wedding flower packages which is great.

FiftyFlowers expert team has specialized in wedding flowers for almost 10 years now, delivering the highest quality flowers coming from flower farms in Ecuador and other exotic locations.

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eat lots of vegies

Our body needs a lot of water to wash out all the toxins.. that's why aliments with high water content are very important like soups, vegetables and fruits.
Specialists says.. that people who used to consumed lots of aliments with high water content have less weight problems, because they
saturate quicker with less calories.

Fruits, vegetables and bran are also rich in fibers, that represent a healthy alternative to dense and hypercaloric aliments. It's highly recommended to comsume 30-35 gr. of fibers a day.

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March 16, 2008

what kind of shoe i am?

You Are Clogs

You are a solid and down to earth person.

You seek – and almost always achieve – a really sound balance in your life.

You are stylish yet comfortable. Mellow but driven. Excited yet calm.

You are the perfect mesh of contradictions.

No matter what happens, you have the ability to stay well grounded in your life.

People know that they can truly depend on you.

You should live: In Europe

You should work: At a company dedicated to helping the world

Hmmnn.. don't know if all the characteristics stated in there fits my personality so well. lol* All, i can say is that.. I am here living in Europe which is absolutely true. hehehe*

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rare coin dealer

Want to build a world-class rare coin portfolio that cost you less? well, you need an expert rare coin dealer such as Monaco Rare Coin. Monaco is an expert rare coin dealer with a large resources and wide experience committed to provide the best services to thier customer. Thier staffs can help you locate the most valuable and high-quality rare coins available in the market accross the country and around the world. Thier great services surely keeps you away from possible market pitfalls that many unexperienced dealers may not be aware of.

Monaco is part of the Monex family of companies, and trusted leader in the many precious metal investments. Monaco Rare Coin offers a unique blend of expertise, experience in which few rare coin companies had, because they have constant access to a large network of resources that always keep in touch with the rare coin market developments. Best of all, thier staffs are members of the Professional Numismatic Guild. So, you don't need to worry about! Remember, if ever you need one rare coin dealer & expert, think of Monaco Rare Coin.

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happy trip my dear bro!

I was suprised this evening when my brother in Cebu suddenly buzz me up thru YM. I got scared knowing that 2:00 AM in pinas is too early for him to get wide awake. I asked him right away.. what's the problem? Is there something happend out there? Please, tell mehhh? He replied calmly and said: nothing wrong 'dhay! Just want to let you know that i'll be going to Australia today.. wouahhh* mura man kilat! I thought working again in an overseas vessel is over for him. But then, i was wrong. He told me that the offer was very interesting and that he's ready to left behind thier rent-a-car business in Mactan and Dang have to managed it alone.. of course with the help of little sis too.

Well, i understand him naman kay daghan pa daw cya og project. I'm happy for him & dang.. though it's hard for us to think of not seeing him for 3 long yrs. hmmnn, can't hold on my tears to fall when writing this.. that's me! (senti.. kaau)

To you my brother, have a safe and pleasant trip! Will surely missed you this summer. May God bless & guide you in all your undertakings! Bisoussss*

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waiting for some good catch. lol*

It's voting day again.. and instead of getting myself ready to vote here i am, infront of my pc patiently waiting for some good catch! hehehe* bad me huh.. well, actually the reason why i felt lazy going out today is because, weather is so bad & windy and perhaps sooner or later comes the rain. So, i better stay home! wink*

By the way, to all my friends.. if you can't see your links here, please add them in my linker provided below. Daghang Salamat..

Enjoy your day!

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