August 31, 2010

hottest deals

Yesterday my daughter and I were suppossed to go out shopping for her school supplies but unfortunately it didn’t went through. She was having fever in the late afternoon and decided to just stay home. Worried that she won’t have enough time to have those school equipments before thursday, i told her to shop online instead. Good thing website are offering cyber monday deals that makes her saved up to 70% off. Such a great savings indeed! Now i'm looking forward of it's Black Friday sale. I’m sure it’s the best place to find the season’s hottest deals!

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Philippine cigars

I got a call from a friend this morning asking me what kind of gift i brought her from our vacation in the Philippines. I was laughing and told her that if she want some dried fish, then i could give her a few. It sure smells strong, but tastes good in anyway. lol* Yeah, i admit everytime i went home in Cebu i always brought some local goodies when i return back here in France. I remember many years ago i never missed to bring Philippine cigars as a sort of presents to JP’s friends. I knew they both loved montecristo cigars but i just want them to try our very own Philippine tobacco product as well.

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