January 05, 2008

For beautiful healthy hair

Every woman always wanted to have a silky beautiful and healthy hair. Because it adds beauty to a womans personality. Aside from that most men are often attracted to women with beautiful and shiny hair. I've read in some women magazines that diets influenced our health and emotional well-being and this also profoundly affects our hair, skins and fingernails as well. Taking hair vitamin is the one and only solution to this problem. It gives our hair what it needs to grow healthy and vibrant. Hair vitamins can do more to promote a healthy hair growth compared to any other shampoos, conditioners and treatments. It provides all the nescessary ingredients like vitamin B, amino acids and all the minerals that our hair needs. Good thing is that hair vitamin is sure and safe to use without any negative side effects. Infact, this product is also great for your skin and fingernails too. So, wanna have that smooth, wonderful, healthy looking hair? Give them the best hair vitamins they need. For more infos about this product, take a tour at thier website at www.helphair.com.

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Tagay from Ms. Carlotz

Thanks Choko for tagging me. Now I'm glad to pass this tag to Vk Kookie & Lucille :

Here's how:
All you have to do is visit this LINK, choose your Zodiac Sign and copy/paste what the stars have to say on your blog then highlight all the predictions that you like or you can relate to.

Libra Horoscope 2008 promises monetary gains for the people born under this sun sign for the coming year. Highest financial gains can be witnessed from the month of July to November. The horoscope talks of chances of Libra people gaining money from legacy likely in the second part of the year. In short, the horoscope 2008 talks of only positive things in terms of money and finances for Libra people. However the horoscope also warns people to be a little judicious. Secondly the Libra horoscope 2008 terms accountability and responsibility to be the themes for the year ahead.

The horoscope 2008 urges Libra people to take accountability of everything they do, be it in any sphere of life. This theme also applies to the career front of Libra people for the year 2008.

The true worth of a Libra person would be put to test in terms of professional matters in the year ahead.

The love life of the people born under the zodiac sign Libra would blossom further as per the stars. People who are in love would find the relationship getting better and exciting. While those who are in search of true love would definitely meet someone special. Marriage is also on cards for people who are unmarried and have decided to tie the knot.

According to the horoscope, success would come to those Libra people who have complete confidence in themselves. Victory would come to those who will maintain a healthy as well as positive approach towards life.

Pastilan, madatu naman tingali ko ani kay puro money ang na mention sa akong horoscope for this year 2008! lol*

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January 04, 2008

Online Casino

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Mille merci à toi..

To my dearest friend Carlotz/Choco :

Just a note to say THANK YOU!! for your thoughtfulness.. I know, words isn't enough to say how much i appreciated everything you've done to me. You're such a very good friend and a dear one.

To know more about this gorgeous lady, click here

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January 03, 2008

Cash Advance

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Got approved w/Smorty

How happy i was yesterday, when i got notified by Smorty telling me that my blog has been approved. Being a stay-at-home wife and mother, blogging is a sort of leisure and relaxation for me. I gained not only friends but it also helps me get informed of what's happening in the world right now. And finally, with Smorty i could start earning extra cash as well.. which is great! I noticed lately that lots of my online friends are into blogging for money that's why i thought of giving it a try too. Smorty is a blog advertising that connects advertisers to bloggers and pay them for writing posts, reviews, and opinions about certain products. Get paid 2 blog, blogging for money or advertise on blogs are such a great opportunities to stay-at-home moms like me. So, hurry! getting started is easy, visit www.smorty.com sign-up from there and submit your blog for approval. It's that simple!

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January 02, 2008

Tag from Choco

Thanks to Choco of Daily Sunset 2 for this tag. And now i 'm happy to pass this to Vicki Lucille Janese Butchay & Kikay

Copy the person and persons’ names that sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps to build community.

Here goes:
What are some of your new year’s good luck traditions?

In France, i always tried to gathered 12 different(round fruits) at home bec. they said.. it symbolizes money, ate 12 pcs of grapes when the midnight struck and make sure that wallets have money on New Years day! I also tried not to get angry too. lol* Amy of KaLidadiS & Moi et mon univers.

Our tradition back home to have 12 different kinds of fruits put in white bowl, my mom wear dotted dress with pocket so she can put her 24 coins to shake when the clock struck at 12 then family gather together around the table with traditional foods and we pray. [ i really missed this tradition with my family back home]. Other good luck tradition hung a grapes by the door. Carlota of My Daily Sunset 2

My beloved mother told us don’t open the money pouches until a few days have passed. Traditional New Year foods are also thought to bring luck, she said 13 different kinds of fruits is good luck, and family together around tables of traditional foods.
lolli of s0-cute.net

My mom used to collect some coins and when the new year comes she put the coins in a bowl and shake it to create sounds. She said its good luck for money throughout the year. And also wearing dotted dresses on new year don’t know why.
CC and chalyza and keep.

I don’t have any traditionals during New Year.
Juliana RW

My old folks always told us to avoid spending money on new years day. They said, once you spend on the first day of the year, you like to spend the rest of the year.
Behind d Scenes of ME and Retchel’s Pure Life and A little bit of me

I grew up believing that if you have some money on your pocket (whatever you’re wearing) come New Year’s eve it will ensure steady flow of income throughout the year. The other belief is that the main door of the house should be wide open come New Year’s eve so that good luck will be ushered in.

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January 01, 2008


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December 31, 2007

welcome 2008!

I wanna greet all my Blogger friends/Visitors, A Happy & Prosperous New Year 2008!

~ My New Year's Resolution ~

To live life to the fullest..

To live each day for a new reason..

To spread smiles and be happy.., throughout each passing season.


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I hate winter season due to the fact that the weather and temperature are extremely cold for me. I always dreamed of spending our winter holidays in the tropical islands. Taking Hawaii vacations for example is just perfect. Love the sunny weather, hot climate, nice beaches and everything the place has to offer. Renting a home, villas or even condos to stay in Hawaii is not a problem. Maui vacation rentals & Kauai vacation rentals are there to served everybody. It is a worldwide vacation rentals website where travellers can book directly a villas, homes & condos depending on the choices of the clients. Perfect for travellers and tourists!

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December 30, 2007


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