May 03, 2008

Boss Fragrances

Everyone loves perfumes and proud to say I'm one of them. wink* For me, choosing the best scents is somewhat difficult due to lots of well-known brands present in the markets today. Good thing, in most French Parfumeries you are allowed to try out of different brand named perfumes before buying them which is great! As far as I'm concerned I feel inlove with the new fragrance and sweet smell of BOSS Femme from HUGO BOSS Fragrances.

You can visit thier website and discover the huge selection of the latest creations of HUGO BOSS fashion fragrances such as: BOSS, BOSS FRAGRANCES, BOSS-FRAGRANCES, HUGO BOSS, prestige, fragrance, BOSS Bottled, BOSS Selection, BOSS femme, BOSS In Motion, BOSS In Motion Edition, BOSS Intense, BOSS Woman, essence de femme, BOSS Soul.

BOSS fragrances represents the essence of BOSS, Hugo BOSS fashion. A symbol of confidence , power and masculinity. Aside from that the website also featured a complete HUGO BOSS Collections, free samples of different BOSS fragrances as well Skincare products for men such as:

. revitalizing moisture cream
. instant moisture gel
. shine control gel
. performance shave gel
. after shave balm
. healthy look fresh lotion
. energizing deodorant stick
. age defense serum
. age defense eye gel
skin age defense eye cream
skin refreshing face wash
. smoothing face scrub
. shine control face wash
. energizing body hair wash & more.

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happy weekend

Weekend is here! I'm so glad that finally we'll be having a few days with much sunshine plus weather temperature is about 22°c perfect for some outdoor hikings and balade. wink* Oh, How I wish to have this bright sunny weather until end of May.. wouahhh* nag day dreaming yata ako. lol*

Have a great weekend to all!

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May 02, 2008

system memory

Last december, hubby is so kind enough to offer me a new Sony laptop computer as my christmas gift. So, I've passed the old laptop I had to my daughter Alyssa but just recently she was complaining because everytime she wants to download music, videos or play on her PC, it is running to slow. I think it is best to install a system memory on her computer to improve speed and performance.

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May 01, 2008

LVUTV is an online information and entertaining resource for high school students who wants to pursue thier studies in college. The site provides a complete Free Student Reviews of Top Colleges as well as traveled around the country and video taped interviews of students, faculty, alumni, and locals so you can watch first-hand accounts of college life, academics, dorms, local food and parties. Thier mission is to help high school students junior or senior that shows interest in attending college to make the best decision while keeping the stress-levels low by providing entertainment and social networking features. It is also useful for current and transfer students who are interested with other college cultures and activities.

So, if you are junior or high school students who are planning of entering college, then this website is of great help to you. Here you can make college comparisons based on College by Major, College by State, College by Size, College by Rank, College by Region, Student Loan center, Student Union and more. If you wish, you can have the possibility to watch live videos but before that, you need to register first. Don't worry, it won't cost you money at all, it is absolutely free! Try now.

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happy 1st of May

Lily-of-the-Valley is one of my favorite flowers due to thier sweet smell and fragrance. In France "Muguets" is traditionally associated with May 1st and is handed out at special events while others offered these lovely fragrant flowers to thier loved ones, as a sign of "porte-bonheur" (goodluck) and happiness!
Bien sûr! 'la jud ko kalimte sa akong chéri. hehehe* Got this cute bouquet from him today:)

Happy First of May to all:)

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This is the summary
Few days ago, i was tagged by ms lolli & mareng barb to make this assignment.. and since i promised them to make it, ito na :
instructions: name 10 of life as simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick 10 people to do the same. try to be original and creative, and not to use things someone else has already used.
In general, i’m the kind of person na mababaw lang ang kaligayahan.. and i can say that hubby is lucky with me. wink*
1) happy na ako when alyssa returns home with good grades
2) when she listen to me when i talked to her without "complaining" lol*
3) when she arranged her room without me telling her to do so..
This is the rest of the post
4) everytime i heared her saying “je t’aime mamounette”
5) tickle hubby’s “nez et ses oreilles” of course, he hates it but, i always told him “fais moi plaisir” lol* lalo na pag ginawa ko iyan when he’s sleeping .. instead na magalit cya.. tawa nalang.
6) when hubbby cooked his fav “cuisine” for just the three of us. usually kasi, ako palagi ang nagluluto sa bahay at since kabisado ko na lahat ang luto ko.. there are times na ma miss ko pa rin ang “choucroute at poulet rôti” nya.
7) when i see myself sa mirror og "guaffa" ko tan-awon. lol
8) go to my hairdresser once in a while
9) talked to friends & family.. either by phone or online
10) last but not the least.. happy to go on vacation kahit saan basta kaming tatlo masaya na ako.:)
Voila, c’est fait! I'll pass this to Ylan, Glorie, Lucille, Kookie, Vicki, Carlots, Ghie & to all of you na gustong gumawa ng assignment na ‘to.. paki copy & paste nalang. okidoki! Thank you for stopping by..

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April 30, 2008

for a clear vision

Lasik is a very well-known method to treat low to high levels of serious eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Laser Eye Center is one of the largest refractive surgery centers in California. They have highly experienced ophthalmologists who already performed 200,000 successful refractive surgeries. Laser Eye Center provides Lasik patients with the latest and most advanced FDA approved technology using LADARVision a laser and radar develop by NASA.

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home theater accessories

For a wide variety of flat panel tv mount check out this website Stands and It is a one-stop online shopping destinations offering thousands of home theater products. Lots of choices ranging from entertainment furnitures and accessories to accommodate your home theater entertainment needs. Stands and Mounts is a great source of Peerless tv mounts, stereo speaker stands, component racks & cabinets. I'm sure you'll find one that suits your taste and budget!

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April 29, 2008

look of the year

If you are young, beautiful and wants to be a model is a great opportunity for you to get recognized. Look of the year are searching for beautiful people to join this world wide beauty contest. Send them your best picture now and have a chance to win $10.000 USD price.
Who knows this will be your chance to become the next model working in Milan, Paris and New York. Hurry, join now!

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April 28, 2008

thanks a bunch!

I would like to say a big Thank You! and give credits to this gorgeous lady and a very good friend of mine for all the hard work time & effort she had put on my blogs. Click on the image to see the actual size.

Carlotz, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your thougthfulness, kindness, friendship and generosity. It really meant a lot. Grosses bisses! Mwuahhh*

For those who wants to have a personalized blog templates she can do it for you at a very affordable and friendly rates! wink* Don't hesitate to take a peek at Carlotz Web-Blog Designs to see her beautiful and awesome creations!

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April 27, 2008

get rid of extra fats

Want to burn that extra fats without doing a lot of exercise? Well, why not give Fenphedra a try! Fenphedra is a diet pill designed to stimulate cocaine amphitamine regulatory transcript (CART). If you are overweight due to excessive eating habbits, then it could help reduce your appetite that results to losing weight. For more additional infos, take a tour at and read reviews about Fenphedra diet pills and other fat burner products!

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quality bar stools

Quality Barstools is the nation's top leading manufacturer's of good quality Wood, Metal, and Aluminum Bar Stools at affordable and discounted rates. They are offering clients a wide variety of wood/metal combo bar stools, Contemporary, Indoor/Outdoor Bar stools as well as wood & metal chairs. All of these extensive collections are available for both residential and commercial use. You can have them personalized by choosing your fabric options and metal finish options. At Quality Barstools, you also have the possibility to build your own wood bar stool with prices starting at $200. Such a great idea for those who are very creative since you can choose yourself the kind of wood bases as well as some choices of seat styles you wanted to have.

Visit thier website to see the latest arrivals of a huge selection of contemporary, wood and metal bar stools ranging from neo classic, swivel extra tall, cabaret, classic and wood bar stools in different styles and shapes.
All of these top quality products are backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. Quality Bar Stools offers a free shipping in the continental United States on all bar stool orders over $500.00. So, hurry! let your fingers do the shopping to avail the company's special internet rates.

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