June 09, 2007

please be aware

Just want to let you know that last night.. (Sunday) at 9:00 pm GMT.. while checking my IM messages.. got an email notification from yahoo concerning a password change of my email account.. i was confused, kay wala man ko nag ask og password change sa ilaha? then few minutes later my "yahoo messenger" window shut off.. saying that somebody in the other computer is logging under the same username. I hurriedly tried to open my yahoo inbox but to no avail?? di naku makasulod kay wrong password na kuno?? my god!! what should i do?

If ever any of you got some instant messages or emails under my username
be careful! coz, it doesn't come from me anymore. I've talked to Mareng Lanie G and just like her.. i'm also a victim of these "idiots" people that spread on the web recently.

I'm worried coz, i can't no longer checked or have access to my friendster account and Yahoo360°. Sorry guys, can't visit you/read/reply messages from there anymore.;-( Hope you understand..

Thanks for reading!

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June 07, 2007

five secrets

this morning, while having breakfast i checked my blog and there i've read Ivy's message telling me to visit her house kay duna kunoy "tagay" didto. :) to my curiosity, i hurriedly went and checked it out what kind of tagay she was saying.. abi naku tagay og tuba! ngeh.., tagay man diay sa sekreto. patay, kang bata ka! hibaw-an na jud atong mga tinagu-an ani doh. hehehe* Well, here's 5 things of me that you don't know yet.

My 5 secrets :

1) i love travelling, going on vacations in general.. but, don't like much travelling with airplanes. ambot ba! can't explain my feelings. tingali kon pwede palang mag auto padulong sa pinas.. mag auto nalang tingali mi. lol* sounds funny, but true!

2) I had a phobia with boats/ships. When i was young, my aunt and i went to leyte and it happenned that there was a typhoon at that time. the boat we were into almost didn't reached the port in good shape. Since then, wa na jud ko mosakay og otro.

3) I'm afraid of snakes, tiki, ulod, wati, bunlod (all reptiles in general) ambot lang! manglibawot jud ako balhibo og makakita ko ani mga mananapa.

4) Can stay on the phone for hrs.. talking about anything & everything. wink* Donc, mga amiga.. if you need someone to talk to.. you know where to find me. wink*

5)Last but not the least, A proud SAHM (stay-at-home mom) since i arrived here (France) way back in 1991 up to the present. From pinas ning retired nako diretso. lol*

Dhay Ivy thanks for tagging me.. mana jud akong assignment. Pila man akong grado? hehehe* Kinsa diay tong gusto mobuhat ani "tagay" feel free to make it. okidoki!

Have a great day everyone. God bless!

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June 05, 2007

enjoy ur summer

Hello everyone! Me,voila! "ang tagulilong" nitunga. lol* Mille excuses, for not being able to visit you more often these past days..i'm just pretty busy at this time. Luggages are almost ready but,i still have lots of things that needs to be done.
Sa tuesday na ang alis namin and probably, this will be my last update too! But, I try my best to keep in touch with you while we're in pinas.. see, ganyan ko kayo kamahal:)

Right now, excited na talaga ako sa coming "get2gether" namin in Cebu with these beautiful ladies: kookie, glorie & ylan. wink* Bien sûr, ma miss ko rin kayong lahat dito sa blogworld and you're always present in my thoughts.. anytime, anywhere, every minute, rain or shine pa jud. lol* Da! balak nas manang.hehehe*

Take care everyone & Enjoy your summer!


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June 04, 2007

kalidadis lang

les amis! kamusta po kayo? pertaining us here.. god's help we're doing fine naman. Life's still the same.. weather lang ang nagkabuang diri. lol* 'nga pala, un grand merci à Lolli for this beautiful christmas layout.i don't know if i've assembled it correctly. what do you think madame? if it's not.. then you are free to send bazooka direct to besançon!lol*

by the way, who wants to win millions? let's play "euromillion" this evening! ayayayy! ka daku raba sa ila jackpot €180 millions (euros) huh! actually, i'm not a loto player but, kinsa man sab tawon ang dili matintal og dula ani nga kadaku man sa amount? donc, voila! comme tout le monde..je vais aussi tenter ma chance.:) basin diay ako ang gihulat ani. lol* nangarap yata ng gising si ako.. anyway, it's just a game lang naman. di ba? ok mga friends, wish me goodluck.. and if ever i won this huge amount.. mag let's morning the night jud ta tanan. c'est promis! wink*

en attendant, je vous souhaite tous un bon week-end très ensoleillé! bises..

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June 03, 2007

Just want to say Hi..

Bonjour friends! How are you all? Me here, i'm doing good.. healthy & kicking. lol* Pasensya na, it took ages everytime i post something here.. or let's say tamad lang akong mag blogging ngayon. hehehe* Life's still the same dito.. and besides i'm a bit busy with other things these days. Malapit na kasi ang uwi namin sa pinas kaya alam nyo na. wink* Before i forget, i'm heartily thanking all my friends/visitors sa inyong walang sawang pagdalaw dito sa bahay ko. They're greatly appreciated.

Happy Whitsunday to everyone! Bises à tous..

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