June 05, 2007

enjoy ur summer

Hello everyone! Me,voila! "ang tagulilong" nitunga. lol* Mille excuses, for not being able to visit you more often these past days..i'm just pretty busy at this time. Luggages are almost ready but,i still have lots of things that needs to be done.
Sa tuesday na ang alis namin and probably, this will be my last update too! But, I try my best to keep in touch with you while we're in pinas.. see, ganyan ko kayo kamahal:)

Right now, excited na talaga ako sa coming "get2gether" namin in Cebu with these beautiful ladies: kookie, glorie & ylan. wink* Bien sûr, ma miss ko rin kayong lahat dito sa blogworld and you're always present in my thoughts.. anytime, anywhere, every minute, rain or shine pa jud. lol* Da! balak nas manang.hehehe*

Take care everyone & Enjoy your summer!


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