June 09, 2007

please be aware

Just want to let you know that last night.. (Sunday) at 9:00 pm GMT.. while checking my IM messages.. got an email notification from yahoo concerning a password change of my email account.. i was confused, kay wala man ko nag ask og password change sa ilaha? then few minutes later my "yahoo messenger" window shut off.. saying that somebody in the other computer is logging under the same username. I hurriedly tried to open my yahoo inbox but to no avail?? di naku makasulod kay wrong password na kuno?? my god!! what should i do?

If ever any of you got some instant messages or emails under my username
be careful! coz, it doesn't come from me anymore. I've talked to Mareng Lanie G and just like her.. i'm also a victim of these "idiots" people that spread on the web recently.

I'm worried coz, i can't no longer checked or have access to my friendster account and Yahoo360°. Sorry guys, can't visit you/read/reply messages from there anymore.;-( Hope you understand..

Thanks for reading!

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