April 03, 2012

vlc player

I’m not keen on downloading videos on the net like most of my friends do, until one day i discovered this popular source vlc player for windows. VLC media player is a new version of a popular open source media player on the internet . Simple, powerful and fast.. this software plays everything from Blu-ray to MP3. The system works well with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari and produces higher quality pictures. VLC 2.0 Twoflower is available for download at no cost. Give it a try!

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April 01, 2012

hdmi cables

This afternoon, hubby was desperately looking for HDMI cables to connect the DVD player to an LCD TV. Unfortunately we don’t have any more extra cables left at home. So i decided to go out and buy one at a nearest store. I was lucky enough because i was able to get two for the price of one. Yeah, i found exactly what hubby have wanted and it was on sale! The image on the TV is perfect and no defects were found in the DVD playback. Great huh!

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old baby stuffs

I was organizing some old things in our basement and found out that we still have lots of baby stuffs and items stored in there. Some of my daughter's toys, car seats and origami stroller that she had been using many years back were still in good condition. Hubby said, it would be better if we can bring them to the red cross instead of putting it on the trash. At least it helps those who are in need!

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March 06, 2012


Finally it’s springtime and i’m loving it! Now that weather is getting better i promise myself to be a lot more active and go hiking whenever time permits me. This is because i want to get rid of this extra lbs i gained during the past three months.
Many times i thought of giving
chili burn a try but finally decided not, for several reasons. I know it won’t be easy however, i am optimistic that with patience and determination everything is possible.

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Usually i try to avoid doing the grocery shopping on weekends because supermarkets are packed with shoppers. And besides i can't stand with the long queue to get to the cashier for checkout. Gladly for now things has finally changed. For the reason that most supermarkets are already equipped with cash register express. It's a Windows-based POS software system exclusively designed for retail stores and helps speed up customer checkout. A great advantage for people and consumers who are in a hurry!

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February 26, 2012

comfort comes first

As we get older, sleeping in comfy mattress pads are very important especially for hubby who’s been dealing with back pains ever since he had his car accident many years ago. For him, comfort always comes first! That’s why everytime we go on a holiday, we constantly book our hotel accommodation a lot earlier to avoid any discomfort! Unlike me, who is very much flexible and can easily adjust to a different situation.

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February 11, 2012

great advantage

Weekend is here once again a time for everyone to relax from the busy daily lives. When i woke up this morning i was glad to see mr sunshine coming up despite of the -8°c temperature. At least i was able to go out with hubby looking for concrete blades. There's no doubt, living near the city is a great advantage for us in the sense that everything is within our reach unlike those who are settled in remote areas.

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January 13, 2012

great feeling

I woke up early this morning for i thought i could have the ps3 controllers delivered today. But apparently i was wrong! Yet i'm glad mr sunlight is coming up brightly.. which is very rare at this time of year. At least i was able to go out for a walk despite of the cold freezing temperature. For me, it's a great feeling being able to get-up-and-go hiking to breathe the fresh air. I love being with nature and so is hubby too. Sadly we can’t do it as often as we could considering that we are still in the midst of the cold winter season.

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January 03, 2012

nursing aide jobs

Jobs are very difficult to find nowadays especially that Europe are still in the midst of economic trouble. And to top it all, the European currency are not on it’s best either. Honestly i don’t know what the future holds. Anyhow despite of the bad situation yet it's a good thing that many healthcare job opportunities remain stable. Based from my own observation, Nursing Aide Jobs are one of the most frequently offered career opportunities anywhere on the globe.

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