May 14, 2010

passion for reading

I really don't have this passion for reading books, unlike my husband and our daughter. Infact each of them have thier own collection of books at home. It may sound stranged but personally i prefer reading health magazines and other sort of journals compared to that of reading books. I am thankful though that my girl got this fondness of books through his dad.

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favourite pastime

I think women's favorite pastime is going on shopping and i'm sure my friends will do agree with me. Shopping is really great provided that we have lots of €uros! lol* Although in France many establishments are offering credit cards or credit reports that fit to our needs, still we have to be extra careful though and use them only when it is necessary.

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May 12, 2010

prenatal care

I agree that getting a good prenatal care is essential for pregnant women. This process is to ensure that growing babies inside them are in perfect health and will develop normally. Thus taking prenatal vitamins are reccommended to soon-to-be moms to help prevent certain complications and risks. These products are available online but i think it is best to consult your physician and seek further advice.

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