October 10, 2007

weather makes me crazy..

i hate this time of year, because weather started to getting cold.. aside from that panay pa ang ulan. i feel like crazy going outside taking a short walk or doing une "petite course".. in other words nakakatamad talaga. how i wish i could be in pinas at this time of year.. yon ba na pwede kang lumabas na naka sando or sleeveless lang without worrying na mag ka kasipon ka or whatever due to the bad weather. ay naku! nangarap na naman ako dito ng gising. :-(
kaya ito, to warm up myself.. i did my dose of exercise in cleaning the house,.. vaccuming.., doing the laundry and etc. resultat, une maison propre et agréable. hehehe*

thank you for reading! have a nice day:)

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October 08, 2007

de tout et du rien..

hope you all are doing just fine! back here; we're doing ok naman. weather is very frustrating these days.. tugnaw na & always cloudy ang langit;-( kalami baya ibalik sa pinas uy! lol*

today,i went to my dermatologist.. ako gipa check-up akong buhok (bagol2) area kay mura nipis naman ako paminaw. lol* of course.. it's just a precaution. kay saon nalang kon ma siopao ta. kuyaw na! hehehe* my doc said: one of the causes of hair loss is stress.. tubag pod naku "dili man ko stressée doc" daghan daw meaning sa stress ingon cya: stress due to bad weather (ex: autumn/winter); stress due to worries; health problems & etc. he told me to have a blood (laboratory) test and trichogram para daw mahibaw-an ang cause. he also prescribed something for my hair treatment for a couple of months. sure, i'll have to make it.. kay kaayuhan raman pod naku. di ba! wink*

lahi ra jud sila dinhi.. i remember sa pinas kon duna ing-ani nga problema: ang tambag mostly kay " aloe vera" (leaves) dayon inusnos kay epektibo jud daw makabaga sa buhok. pero, asa man pod kaha ko kita og aloe vera dinhi sa europe? ngehhh*

does any of you had already encountered such problems? then, what kind of treatment (binisaya) you are using? let me know.:)

Thank you for stopping by!

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