May 22, 2009

best fat burner

We had a great weather today with temperature of about 23°c hubby and I went strolling in the countryside taking photos and enjoying the beauty of nature. It is also the very first time he and I went hiking for as far as 6 kms. Could you imagine that?

When we arrived home I was so tired & exhausted.. all the calories taken during lunch was all burned out. lol* For me, there's no doubt it is probably the best fat burners I could ever have. wink*

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Recently on health news they were talking about people who were eager to lose weight using different kinds of weight loss programs. Now the question is are these products safe to use? Personally, I never tried any yet but I think the best thing to do is make research to be able to find one that works for you. If you are one of those people creates a list of the best diet pills available based on cost, safety and effectivity!

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May 21, 2009

discount lingerie

Mother's day, in France is celebrated every 7th of June. Hubby and daughter are already asking what I want as presents. Actually I love lingeries but I told them I want nothing. lol* What's important to me is that having them around during La Fête des Mères is already enough. But know what? when I came across LINGERIE SAVINGS and seen this beautiful and sexy discount lingerie, I can't help but admire. These lingeries are absolutely perfect for Mother's day gifts!

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i miss those times

Riding horses was one of the things I missed during my childhood. I remember way back in the 80's when my maternal grandparents used to owned a farm in Mindanao and raised cattles including horses. Those were such a great memorable years for me until the whole family decided to moved in Cebu for some reasons.
Raising a horse may not be difficult for everyone provided that you give the right nutrition needed, horse supplements & proper care.

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May 20, 2009

Bonne fête à toute la famille!

This morning I had a great time talking with my family back home in pinas. Our town is celebrating the annual fiesta today and everybody were there! How I wish I was with them too. They prepared lots of pinoy dishes.. I really miss the local foods. My eyes were even drolling when I've seen the crunchy & yummy lechon on the webcam. If only I could have wings to fly and be with them. lol*

Looking at those yummy foods my family prepared today made me salivate. So, to satisfy my craving I cooked some kind of pinoy (comfort) food.. I'm sure pinays out there knows what I'm talking. hehehe* To get rid of cooking odors, I use scented candle and voila! stink no more:)

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