November 14, 2009

gifts for her

I was watching the program «Kabuhayang Swak na Swak» via (TFC) The Filipino Channel. I always watched this program whenever i can, because they are providing lots of information especially to those who are thinking of ways to earn extra income. Last weekend they were showing the process of making decorative candles. I was really amazed watching at how easy it is to make one. I always have scented candles at home and thought that instead of buying them, it would be nice if i could make my own using all natural ingredients. Jp's cousin will be coming to visit us this christmas and it seems that scented candles would be a great gifts for her!

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November 12, 2009

new addition

We are expecting a new addition in the family! Don't get me wrong, it's not me who is pregnant but, my SIL in the Philippines. wink* She and her husband (our youngest brother) are expecting a baby girl which will be due in a month time. I am so happy for both of them because my bro really wants to have a child for quite sometime now and here they are looking forward for the big day!
I remember few years back when his wife gave birth to thier first child, (a baby boy) but unfortunately the baby didn't make it alive. He was born premature and died few days later, It was so sad! Anyway, I wish both of them the best of luck and that things goes smoothly for the soon-to-be mom and her angel.

Yesterday i talked to my SIL on the phone and told her that they don't need to worry about getting a crib because i will take care of it. Since christmas is fast approaching, I thought of buying them a new baby crib and Baby Bedding Sets as our presents for the couple. I've seen that Baby Bedding Palace are featuring lots of unique baby beddings made from 100% high quality natural cotton materials. I find it perfect as gifts.

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