March 06, 2010

she's hired

It's 2010 now but the French economy are still not on it's best. Some private companies are closing it's doors and unemployment rates continued rising. I felt pity for those people who were laid-off without nothing to turn to. Recently i heard that our neighbor next door who's been searching for jobs in administration got hired. She's a good friend of mine and i'm glad that her patience & being courageous has finally paid off!

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I think a lot of shoppers were now very much familiar with ls2208. Actually this object is a handheld laser barcode scanner that most people have already seen in Malls, shops and boutiques. Some supermarkets are even installing self-service machines using this device for clients & shoppers who were in a hurry. This is such a great idea huh! Personally, i never tried it yet but of course one day i will:)

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c'est fini!

Weekend is back! Daughter A was so glad that thier exams (BAC BLANC) are finally over. The past two weeks was very tiring for her in doing study reviews plus not to mention the stress and all. Poor Dd, at least for now she have ample time to relax and enjoy playing her fav nintendo ds games as well as listening music on the newly launced MP3 players, considering that come end of june another exams is waiting for them!

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