May 14, 2009

Motorola H500 Pink

Now that my computer is back and running again, I'm also back to my daily routine as well. Believe it or not, I usually spend half of my day sitting infront of my computer notebook watching Pinoy teleseryes & movies. Having equipped with a headset is very important most particularly when daughter Alyssa is around working with her homework. lol*
The photo you see here is a Motorola H500 Pink Bluetooth headset sold at They are offering lots of good deals right now. Go and check them out!

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greener way to shop

I was watching health news program the other day, and they were talking primarily about the new mode of Green shopping and the benefits of buying and using this eco-friendly products. Many people think that buying green goods are likely expensive and I agree with them, and besides it's not easy to figure out which products are really green. That's why for me and hubby, everytime we buy green goods we always make sure of it's origin.

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getting gaga over TFC Movies & teleseryes

Gaining weight is easy but losing them is one hard thing to do especially for someone like me who's not a sports enthusiast. Actually I love hiking but these past few days, I've been hooked up infront of my computer watching my favorite TFC Movies & Teleseryes! I know I need to control my eating habit or else I will end up taking diet pill to get rid of this bulging tummy I had, especially that summer vacation is getting closer. wink*

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