September 06, 2008

Allergy-free environment

Since she was a baby, dd is already prone to skin allergy and having a calcium-enriched water supply at home make it even worst. The best thing we could think of is to install water purifiers to remove contaminants and other micro organism and helps maintain an allergy-free healthy environment. I know choosing the best one couldn't be easy but as far as I'm concerned, I always go for an environment friendly products.

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September 05, 2008

Finding jobs in San Francisco

Looking for jobs somewhere in San Francisco? is the perfect place for you to find local jobs in and around San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose areas. Thier website provides highly relevant job search results to help you find jobs more quickly and easily. Getting started is easy, take a peek at and start posting San Francisco resumes. Who knows you'll be the next lucky person to get hired. wink*

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September 02, 2008

No fee balance transfer

Got a call from a friend today asking me to go with her at the bank tomorrow morning. She wants to open a new account but ashamed to fixed a rendez-vous with the bank since she doesn't speak fluent french yet. Oh well, I understand her too. I told her she can now apply for a checking account online which comes with free checks and free online banking. She can also get a no fee balance transfer credit cards as well. Sounds interesting, huh!

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