November 20, 2010

not into texting..

I'm not very particular when it comes to mobile phone, infact i'm still using the same unit for more than two years now. Believed it or not, i'm not fond of sending sms either. I better much prefer making a call rather than texting at all. That's why despite of some interesting mobile offers i got, i choose to kept it for as long as it works. hehehe* I just need to get a new lg phone batteries to replaced the old one i have and voila!

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November 15, 2010

hearty dish..

We just had a get together at home with a couple of friends coming from the nearby city. Hubby prepared his favourite choucrôute garnie, a famous Alsatian winter specialty. This hearty dish is composed of various cuts of cured pork meats, smoked sausages, potatoes and fermented cabbage. The food are known to be rich in calories that's why if you are on a diet mode, better forget your beauty regimen. lol*

On my part, there’s nothing to worry at all because there are some ways to burn calories more easily. Curious to know about the
fastest ways to lose bellyfat? Go ahead and visit the link provided therein.

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i thought..

Few weeks ago acne is no longer bothering me. I thought i finally get rid of it. However, these past few days i was having a hard time falling asleep due to seasonal stress and all. So then again here i am looking for the best acne treatment. Could anyone tell me about the right product to use? I really would love to hear from you!

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November 14, 2010

steel barrels

When i visited a friend the other day, a dozen of stainless steel barrels catches my attention. I can’t help but asked her what she’s gonna do with all those drums. She laughed and said that she used them for storing some rain water for her plants and animals. What a great idea huh! Not only she can saved money out of it but also rain water is good for the plants as well.

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perfect tool

Venturing into a retail business is no longer a problem thanks to today’s advanced technology. Retail POS systems has everything you need to get away from a mechanical register system and into computer-based retail management. The reason why it is good to have this electronic device is because it is designed to work straight out of the box. Equipped with monitor, receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, PC, and etc. These things helps speed up the check-out process and yes, such a perfect tool indeed!

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