August 12, 2011

special occassion

In more than a month i will be celebrating my birthday. Oh la la! i’m not getting any younger anymore. Lol* However, i am thankful to our devine heavenly father to have reached this age healthy and kicking. I don’t have any plan of having a gathering because i would love spend the special occassion with just me, hubby and our daughter. As for my birthday present, well a blackberry playbook tablet is quite enough! wink*

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house rules

Hubby and i both loved pets, nevertheless living in a flat is barely difficult for us for various reasons. The truth is that, my daughter can’t stand the animal fur due to her allergy. I also recall one of our door neighbor who used to have pets decided to brought the animals back to the refuge. You know why? well, simply because many of the habitants are complaining against dog urine odor. Yeah! dog urine odor removal might be effective however we have some house rules and regulations to follow!

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August 07, 2011

beaded jewelry

My aunt in the Philippines is getting fascinated with fashion jewelry. Infact she’s into making beaded necklaces and bracelets for herself. I really admire her sense of creativity, unlike me who doesn’t have such talent and skills. That's why everytime we visit my family back home i'll never miss to bring her a few collections of beads from Beadaholique as a gift. Good thing, i can have all those items at a very reasonable price!

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cheapest form of life insurance

Today, finding an affordable low cost insurance doesn’t have to be tough thanks to the new technology which is the internet. Yeah, you heard it right! internet is the best tool in searching different types of insurance that fits to your needs. All you have to do is ask for a free quote and make comparison. As far as i know term life insurance is the cheapest and probably the simplest type of life insurance you can find!

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