February 16, 2009

patience.. patience!

Nine months ago I wrote three articles from Blogvertise, it was all posted, submitted and accepted by the admin. Unfortunately 30 days later I didn't recieved any payment from them. I asked some friends if they have been paid for the same articles they have written for the company and said yes! So, I contacted Bloggerwave to have some explaination but despite of a dozen emails I've sent I never recieved any single response from them. Come mid-january I decided to email Bloggerwave back for the same purpose (claimed the $30) they owed me for such a long long time but still no replies.

Then two days ago, when I checked my paypal email account I was surprised to see a notification email from Paypal letting me know that
Bloggerwave has just sent $30 to my account. Quelle bonne surprise! lol* After 9 mos. of waiting.. it's over now. wink*

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