November 01, 2007

remembering kalag2 sa pinas..

Every 1st day of November, Filipinos especially Roman Catholics observed All Saint's Day!I remember way back my teenage years... As a family tradition.. my grandma used to prepare different kinds of foods for the occassion and she then make "halad" (food offering) for our dear dead ones. The foods were put in the altar and at exactly 8:00 o'clock in the evening.. we offered prayers for the dead. Right after the prayers.. we all ate together. The following day, November 2nd (All Soul's day).. Everyone in the family goes to the cemetery and offered prayers, masses, flowers & lighted candles in the tombs of our loved ones. Oh, how i wish to be with my family (back home) on this special day.


By the way, if you have time.. read this article i found on the net:

"Reasons why All Saint's Day in the Philippines is better than Thanksgiving in the US
1. You're not obliged to serve turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie to your family and they can't complain if you just hand them out kornik and kropek.
2. You get to hang out in the cemetary.
3. There's no football here so you won't miss anything if you go to the cemetary.
4. Family reunions--deceased members included.
5. You think you're in Lollapalooza when you reach the cemetery except that instead of rock and roll, you hear cheesy, bakya music, Britney Spears, the current hits remade into dance tunes or some drunk man singing off-key to a karaoke song.
6. Collecting candle drops so you can either sell them or use them to wax your floor.
7. We have none of that "I'm so thankful for yada-yada-yada" crap those crappy Americans are so full of; heck Erap's already a handful.
8. You get to hit on girls/guys in the cemetary and people won't think you're some sort of sick weirdo.
9. You've always wanted to have a picnic in an exotic place, well here's your chance; the local memorial park's waiting for you.
10. You have to be actually thankful for anything.

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