June 28, 2008

Home at last!

Last wednesday, despite of the strong winds and heavy rains we've encountered during our stop-over in Hongkong, I'm really thankful that finally we arrived Cebu, Philippines safe and sound. I'm glad to be here in my home sweet home now, although it's a little bit difficult to tolerate the hot climate and high humidity. lol*

This tuesday, we are planning to return to Cebu City to buy our weekly supply of goods while hubby is also interested of the home theater lighting he had seen at one of the stores at SM Mall.

Have a nice day to all!

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fleet tracking device

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June 22, 2008

Je suis en vacances!

Hi guys! Me, and my family will be flying to Cebu, Philippines for a two months vacation at bukas na ang alis namin. Would like to thank you so much for the visits, tags & messages you left here.. they're greatly appreciated!

Please bear with me if I can't visit your blogs
as often as I normally do.. my apologize!


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