July 16, 2009

affordable healthplans

It's been a week since we're here in the Pyrénées Orientales region. Last Sunday we were invited by our family friend who also spent vacation in Argeles Sur-Mer. I was really fascinated to see the long white sandy beaches and picturesque creeks that gives this place it's particular charm. After our tour around the Catalan Harbor of Collioure, Port-Vendres and Saint-Cyprien, we decided to return to Argeles Sur-Mer and off to the beach for an hour or two. We all had lots of fun! Will share some of our photos soon.

Before i forget
I wish all of you a fantastic summer holidays. If you are looking for an affordable healthplans Blue Cross North Carolina is the perfect place for you to go. Take a peek at thier website for more additional infos!

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how to get affordable insurance

I was on the phone with my friend, she and her family just transferred to thier newly built house situated about an hour drive from our place. It's been a long time that we didn't see each other due to the fact that she and husband were pretty much occupied doing the interior painting works of thier house. We talked about anything and everything including on how to get an affordable home insurance. I told her that the best thing to do is to find insurance companies who are offering online qoutes instantly to compare rates and that's what she did.

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mac memory upgrade

I was a little bit upset when I know that the house we are renting here in the Pyrenées is not equipped with wi-fi internet connection yet. When I checked thier website it said "connection est un cours" but to my dismay when we arrived yesterday there's no way possible to connect online. The host told me there's a free computer in thier office for me to checked emails but not to the point of watching my fav movies and teleseryes online. They are using machintosh and probably it needs a serious mac memory upgrade. Woaahhh! poor meh, I couldn't watch "Boys over Flowers here!!

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best wrinkle cream protection

Finally were here in the southwest of France now. I was glad that at long last I've seen once again the sandy white beaches. hehehe* The weather is nice and very different to what we used to have in the Eastern region. Today my family and I are planning of spending whole day at the beach, daughter A would like to try sunbathing. lol* Personally, I don't like it much for my skin is already tanned naturally. wink* I think when french people see me with umbrella they would probably burst into laughter. hehehe* Well anyway, I brought with me the best wrinkle cream protection , so nothing to worry at all!

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barcode scanner

Today most French supermarkets are now equipped with barcode scanners. You know why? Well, it's because Honeywell Barcode Scanner makes life more easier for customers and clients to avoid those long queue when paying the items. With Barcode scanners you don't need to wait long hours à la caisse waiting to get served, most particularly during saturdays when supermarkets are jam-packed with shoppers and you were in a hurry. Great isn't it?

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skateboard ramps

I don't know nothing about skateboard but when I see young boys playing skateboard in our neighborhood I admit I'm getting fascinated with them. Of course, it's a pleasure seeing those young ones enjoying themselves in this kind of sports rather than getting into drugs or other sort of vandalism. We are living in the City closed to parks and it's not a surprise to see skaetboard ramps anywhere.

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