July 16, 2009

mac memory upgrade

I was a little bit upset when I know that the house we are renting here in the Pyrenées is not equipped with wi-fi internet connection yet. When I checked thier website it said "connection est un cours" but to my dismay when we arrived yesterday there's no way possible to connect online. The host told me there's a free computer in thier office for me to checked emails but not to the point of watching my fav movies and teleseryes online. They are using machintosh and probably it needs a serious mac memory upgrade. Woaahhh! poor meh, I couldn't watch "Boys over Flowers here!!

1 comment:

gLoR!e said...

hahaha tan-aw diay ka anang boys over flowers dli kaau ko tig tan-aw ana..pero naa koy pirated dvd..dli ko mo basta sa tv na kay kapoy sunud mayna palit nalang pirated kay mahuman na dayun kasu lang less emotion kay mag basa ka sa subtitle..unlike na tagalog madala man ka sa ilang pag dub..hehehe