December 20, 2009

first snow of the season

Finally we had the first snow of the season! I hate cold but looking at the white sorroundings are truly wonderful and refreshing. Usually stores here are closed on sundays but exeptionally they are open during christmas time. I maybe going out with hubby and dd for some picture taking at the park this afternoon. I am also thinking of dropping by at Sephora to get some moisturizers and under eye cream before heading our way home. I hope Mr sunshine will come out even for just a short while:)

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my wishlist

When hubby asked me what gift i would like to have for christmas i told him he can pick one or two things on my wishlist. Personally i'd like to have a new digital camera to replace my old canon ixus 850 IS i've bought two years ago. It is still in good running condition but already has scratches due to my negligence. Aside from the fact that i love bags, getting a new Samsonite luggage would be great as well. I wish Père Noël could hear my wishes. wink*

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