December 29, 2007

Treasure Award

This is a beautiful "Treasure Award" given to me by these lovely ladies Juliana Sunshinenorm & Joydob Thanks a lot friends, for considiring my blog a "Treasure" wink*

Now, i'm glad to share this award to Lolli Vicki Carlotz Glorie Kookie Ladynorms

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December 28, 2007

Getting a good Insurance

As far as i know, every french individuals do have Insurance and so are we. This could be either Life Insurance, Family Insurance or Education Insurance for the children. Subscribing an Insurance is a good Investments for the future as well. But, i've noticed that as the years pass by our Insurance premiums are getting higher too. I've talked to a friend about this issue and she told me that they are subscribing a Family Insurance thru An online source for Life Insurance. Well, curious to know about this company, I was then browsing the website and find it very interesting! Because everyone can asks for a Life Insurance Qoutes, Term Life Qoutes & Universal Life Qoutes Instantly. If you are interested, you can visit thier website at

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All about Love

Once again thanks to Sunshinenorm for this one:)

here's the questions :

1) can ex-lovers be friends? For me, why not? Forget the past & go on w/the future.

2)do you think it's ok to date someone if ur committed already? I'm a one man woman.

3)what do u think is the biggest cause of a break-up? For me, it's infidility.

4)are u inlove w/someone at the moment? oui, avec l'homme de ma vie:)

5)are u missing someone at the moment? my family in pinas most especially this holiday season.

6)would you die for the one you love? yes, till life after death.

7)do you think love hurts? it depends

8)what's the best thing about love? love is understanding, giving and forgiving.

9)what's the worst thing about being love? yong di kayo magkasundo ng partner mo.

10) will you wait for someone u love? always, because i can't sleep w/out him by my side. wink*

11)what song best describes your life at this moment. everything i do.. i do it for you:)

12) do you wanna get married? i am happilly married for 16 yrs now:)

13)have u talked to the person u love on the phone? i talk to him in person, anytime, every minute. hehehe*

14)is love always on your side or the opposite way? on my side, always:)

15)do you have a gay/lesbian/bisexual friend? yes, in pinas.

16)are u sick of love? absolutely not.

17)are u sick of questions of love? nope

18)what are u going to do tomorrow? don't know yet.

19)what do u want so bad right now? i want my girl to be home at this time:)

20)do u think money is everything? money can buy everything but not happiness.

21)what song are u listening right now? nothing

22)what's the song that u last downloaded? christmas song

23)how much do u love music? about 50%

24)have u written ur own song? no, i'm not good at it.

25)what's the movie that you last watched? chinese movie "le secret des poignards volants" i love it!

26)do u believe in forever? yes, like diamonds. lol*

27)what's the last words you want to say to ur bf/gf/special someone? je t'aime beaucoup, passionnement, à la folie! wink*

Now, im happy to pass this tag to everybody who wants to answer..

Thank you for stopping by!!

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December 27, 2007

Visiting Ireland

Have you already been to Ireland? If not, you should put this country on top of your list of travel destinations. Dublin, the Capital City is noted not only for its vibrancy, nightlife and tourists attactions but also it's the popular point of entry to International visitors to Ireland. And while there, don't miss to visit Cork City. Cork City, was named the capital of European Culture in 2005. Infact, Several Festivals like: the Midsummer festival, Film festival and Jazz festival are held annually giving the visitors the opportunity to experience the wide range of music, theatre and films. Then, last but not the least, take a tour to Belfast too? Belfast is an interesting city. It was voted the fourth best city in the United Kingdom. I'm sure your visit in Belfast will be rewarded with a glimpse of its uniqueness. The city are exhibiting clubs and shops, bars and restaurants at a very affordable rates. Don't worry of where to stay? There are lots of good hotels in these cities for you to choose from.. Ireland Hotels Dublin Hotels Cork Hotels Belfast Hotels are offering last minute deals. Quite interesting for tourists and Business travellers!

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7 weird things

Was tagged by pretty Juliana & Butchay: Thank you ladies for sharing this w/ me:)

Here are the rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to thier blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on thier blog.

And here's the 7 weird things about me :

1. i'm weird because i've eaten "escargots & huitres" last christmas. lol* take note! (it's one of the french specialty during christmas) hehehe*

2. i hate doing the "ironing" so, i did it only on sundays and hubby knows siya ang magluluto sa araw na iyon. lol*
3. don't want to be disturb kapag nanonood ako ng pinoy teleserye. lol*
4. i don't answer phone calls when i'm not in the mood. lol*
5. most of my friends, particularly hubby loves to watch 24 hrs (chrono) pero ako, am not really interested to it.
6. i hate going out during winter.. nakakatamad kasi lumabas pag malamig ang panahon.
7. kapag sinusumpong ako, i can stay for days w/out saying a word. lol*

Voila! finally, natapos ko rin ang assignment na 'to. Now, i'm happy to pass this tag to Lanie G Lucille Vicki Malou Janese Joy Rolly

Have a nice day everyone...

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December 26, 2007

What do my stars say about me?

Tagged again by
Norms : Thanks madame for always thingking of me:)

I was born 26th of September which falls under the sign of LIBRA. I don't know if i got all the good qualities stated here. wink* But, all i can say is that i'm fun, loving and easy to get along with:)

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

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December 25, 2007

Chou..chou.. Train

Got this tag from Lolli & Denz. Thank you friends!

The rule: When you get tagged, you have to add your name below the person who tagged you and by doing so you are letting the list grow.

I love trains too! most especially the TGV's (High Speed)ones. This is our means of transportation everytime we went to Paris.. w/out it, going to Paris by car wouldn't be easy for us. Anyone wants to have a ride with me? Here, I come!! Chou..chou






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Now, i'm happy to pass this tag to: Vicki Janese Coco Norms Carlotz

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Close Combat Training

Nowadays, dangers of violence are everywhere and it could happen to anybody at anytime no matter who you are and where you are. We kept on thingking what self defense we have to adopt to defend ourselves from these aggressions most particularly to our young ones. Recently, while surfing on the net, i came across this site Close Combat Training and read the story of Captain Chris Pizzo Captain Chris' Close Combat who dedicated his life to spreading the truth about martial arts and self defense after he was nearly stabbed to death during a road rage attack. What happened to him, was really very scary. I think everyone should take precautions in order to avoid these things to happened. Taking martial arts training could helped a lot in defending oneself, mostly those who were living in places where violence and dangers often occurs. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry. Visit to know more infos, bio & video clips of the World Leader In Self Defense.

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December 23, 2007

Christmas greetings

From our home to yours..

Christmas Thoughts

Some people think of Christmas
As a sleigh rides in the cold
A tree that glistens of tinsel
And decorations of silverand gold.

Some people think of Christmas
As stockings dressed in red
A crackling glowing fireplace
And a warm and cozy bed.

Some people think of Christmas
As faces filled with glee
Sharing stories, fun and laughter
And gathering 'round the tree.

Some people think of Christmas
As gifts wrapped up in blue
Writing letters to thier loved ones
And Christmas caroling too.

Some people think of Christmas
As snow falling on the ground
The hustle and bustle of shoppers
And the joy that's spread around.

Some peope think of Christmas
As Christ on Christmas day
And families joined together
With heads bowed down to pray.

Some people think of Christmas
As the Lord who dwells above
Who sent His son to die for us
And gave the gift of love.

Author :
Marilyn Ferguson

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Things to see & do in London

As a child, i always dreamed of visiting other countries and i know deep inside that those were just illussions for me. But now that, i'm here living in Europe, i could tell that my dreams would finally come true. I often told hubby, that one day we gonna visit the cities of London, Manchester and Birmingham in the U.K. Because, i'm very much eager to discover Brittains hidden treasures. Would love to visit also the Buckingham palace where the Queen Elizabeth lived. And besides, no problem of where to stay. I heared that lots of Hotels in London, Manchester, & Birminghan are offering last minute and year round accommodations at prices often less compared to making reservations directly at the hotel. This is really great! at least we can save bucks. I'm sure spending a vacation in these three beautiful cities in the truly worth remembering. Come to think of it!

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