October 05, 2007

50 ways to appreciate life..

1. Watch the sunset.
2. Smile more.
3. Complain less.
4. Surprise a friend with a call.
5. Develop your gifts.
6. Count your blessings.
7. Talk to someone in an elevator.
8. Breathe consciously once in a while.
9. Enjoy sneezes
10. Appreciate that your leg isn't broken.
11. Be unique.
12. Sing in the shower.
13. Put your shoes on the wrong feet and laugh at yourself or have someone laugh at you.
14. Make someone's day or night.
15. Stand on your head.
16. Stare at the world above you.
17. Play with an animal.
18. Slurp Jell-O.
19. Do something unplanned.
20. Plan to do something and have it go as planned.
21. Stand back and look in.
22. Appreciate a paradox.
23. Dive in.
24. Get grass stains.
25. Wave your hands in the air.
26. Swim with the fishes
27. Make maple syrup.
28. Climb a tree.
29. Spin in a circle once while walking to class
30. Tell someone they look nice.
31. Collect something.
32. Walk barefoot every chance you get.
33. Build a sand castle or a snowman.
34. Walk with no destination.
35. When all your exams are done, treat yourself to an ice cream cône.
36. Entertain yourself by making faces.
37. Don't just listen, try to hear.
38. Wear shoes until they're so old they won't stay on your feet.
39. Appreciate the primary colors.
40. When you wake up, realize you're alive
41. Walk in the rain.
42. Blow bubales.
43. Make the most of where you are.
44. Jump as high as you can.
45. Dance
46. Talk less and say more.
47. Exercise before you diet.
48. Learn to play chess.
49. Sit by a river.
50. Never lose your sense of humor.


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October 01, 2007

What style of womens jeans are you?

Skinny Jeans

You are classy and a bit formal when it comes to your personal style.
Your look is feminine and well put together - and never trashy or too trendy.

Me.., i do really love jeans, because i feel so confortable on it. In fact, i used to wear them more often.

What about you?

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September 30, 2007

manga-on ta..

holidays are over.. and unfortunately weather is getting worst too! when i woke-up this morning, temperature outside is down to 2°c .. too cold for me huh. :-(
wala unta gana igawas og lakaw.. but felt obliged.. since it’s our “grocery day” louy pod akong anab og siya lang usa.. and besides mas prefer naku kaming duha kuyog kay para walay malimtan og palit kay what is may “kodigo” (lista) man jud ko dala permi. lol* while in the supermarché .. i've seen lots of shoppers nipalit og “choucroute” with matching smoked meats & sausages.. makes me think na “toud diay.. lami na ikaon og "choucroute" kay tugnaw naman. so, i went to rayon “charcuterie” and order the ingredients nescessary for the recipe. while waiting to get served.. anab was searching for a bottle of vin blanc (reisling) wine to used for the recipe. na surprised siya kay nahut-dan man ang tindahan og (reisling & gewurztraminer) wines.. i said to him laughing: "nahurot ila display kay tanan shoppers namalit og choucroute. lol* finally, after a lot of searching.. we’ve found one bottle of reisling left in thier display. And voila..! un delicieux choucroute pour le diner, préparez avec amour par mon adorable époux . C'est drôlement bon:)

Enjoy your weekend! Bisous..

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phrase translations.. just for fun:)

Are you harboring a fugitive? Hu Yu Hai Ding?

See me A.S.A.P. - Kum Hia Nao

Stupid Man - Dum Gai

Small Horse - Tai Ni Po Ni

Your price is too high!!! - No Bai Dam Thing!!

Did you go to the beach? - Wai Yu So Tan

I bumped into a coffee table - Ai Bang Mai Ni

I think you need a facelift - Chin Tu Fat

It's very dark in here - Wai So Dim?

Has your flight been delayed? - Hao Long Wei Ting?

That was an unauthorized execution - Lin Ching

I thought you were on a diet - Wai Yu Mun Ching?

This is a tow away zone - No Pah King

Do you know lyrics to the Macarena? - Wai Yu Sing Dum Song?

You are not very bright - Yu So Dum

I got this for free - Ai No Pei

I am not guilty - Wai Hang Mi?

Please, stay a while longer - Wai Go Nao?

Meeting was scheduled for next week - Wai You Kum Nao

They have arrived - Hia Dei Kum

Stay out of sight - Lei Lo

He's cleaning his automobile - Wa Shing Ka

He is a fat man - Wun Fat Gai

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