September 22, 2009

guess what?

Few days more to go and i will be celebrating my birthday! Guess how old i am now? hehehe* If you can give the right answer you'll get a slice of cake and a glass of champagne from me. lol* I don't have any plan of having a party because i want to spend it with just me, JP & Alyssa. I am very much thankful for everything God have given me especially goodhealth & loving family. My only wish for now is to get rid of this belly fat I have. Hope i could find a diet pills that work:)

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September 20, 2009

perfect presents

Motorcycles became a new mode of transport back in my country the Philippines especially in areas where public jeepneys aren't available. Not only it consumed less energy but also a perfect means to escape the heavy traffic particularly to those who are living within the city. I have four siblings and each of them used to have one at home. I love riding on it despite of Jp's consent. And for this coming christmas it would be great if i could send them motorcycle covers as presents:)

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