May 24, 2008

Free checking account

Got a call from a friend today, asking me to go with her at the bank Monday morning. She told me that she wants to open a new checking account but ashamed to fixed a rendez-vous with the bank employee since she doesn't speak fluent french yet. Oh well, I understand her a lot because I've experienced it in the past too. I told her about WaMu free checking account that comes with free checks for life, free wire transfers, free online banking and free ATMs without hidden fees. She finds it really interesting!

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May 20, 2008

tsa locks

Yesterday, when I told my mom over the phone that we're going home to the Philippines next month, she was so happy and excited to knew about it. Alyssa missed her grand-mére so much and would like to spend much time with her. Good thing, will be staying in Cebu for about 8 weeks I'm sure Alyssa and her grandma have enough time bonding with each other.
And yes speaking of our trip, hubby is thingking of purchasing a travel luggage with tsa locks. A travel safe luggage locks that keep your contents safe when you're taking a flight.

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Happy Fiesta to my family in Cebu

My mind is travelling in the Philippines today, most precisely in my hometown in Northern Cebu. May 19-20 is our town fiesta honoring the Patron Saint San Isidro Labrador. I really missed this big event.. the last time I've attended our town fiesta was during my "bagets" days, way back 15 years ago. lol* I just called my family back home today to greet them a very Happy Fiesta celebration! Pastilan, bahaw nalang akoa next month. hehehe*


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