October 30, 2009

braderie d'automne

Today is the Grand braderie d’automne (sale) here in our city. When i woke up this morning i was glad to see mr sunshine coming up, the weather was just perfect to go out strolling in the city centre. Without hesitation i called up my shopping buddy and head on to our fav shopping place. There have been lots of promos especially on winter clothings & accessories. I've bought two pull-overs for dd and a pair of winter shoes for myself. On our way home my friend and i decided to stopped by Sephora and get some lip gloss and also this face wrinkle cream she have told me to try out!

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October 25, 2009

perfect time for a change

I can't imagine how time really flies! I already got the renewal notice from the Insurance Company yesterday concerning our vacation home in pinas. Actually hubby and I don't know yet if we will have to renew for another term or find a new company offering the same home insurance coverage for less. What iritates me is the fact that we've been insured in the said company for over 15 yrs now and never filed any claims but our premium kept on rising. Probably, it would be the perfect time for a change.. what do you think?
Luckily as far as our health insurance is concerned, nothing to worry at all. I found a place wherein it is possible to buy cheap health insurance for the whole family!

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worry free travel

Having a motorhome is very useful especially when it comes to going on places. In France, a lot of people choose to spend vacation renting motorhomes or trailers and stayed in tri-star campsites to saved €. Hubby and i never tried it yet but perhaps oneday we will. Finding an rv trucks for rent is extremely easy, but you need to get an rv insurance with maximum coverage just in case you experienced an rv breakdown while you're on the road to avoid problems.

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