June 07, 2008

farmhouse sinks

Today, weather was so bad with heavy rains and temperature was going down to 12°c. My goodness! what kind of spring is it? So, instead of going out we just decided to stay home and enjoy ourselves watching our favorite movies.

I also had the chance surfing on the net looking for some great deals on home acessories and was amazed to see this beautiful high quality farmhouse sinks. How I wish Philippines is just nearby. I surely would love to buy one to put in our vacation home there.

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for the love of books

J-Paul and our daughter had the same passion for books, Alyssa surely got the genes from her papa. She loves reading books as well as her papa does. No wonder, at the age of six yrs old.. she already started wearing eyeglasses.

Part of JP's extensive collections were being bought at Amazon books.
Of course, until now he still continue with his passion and are glad knowing that he could pass all of these to her one and only chérie.

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June 04, 2008

birthday gift

Daughter Alyssa's birthday is fast approaching, too bad we can't celebrate her birthday at home since it falls on the day of our departure going to the Philippines. I already asked her what gifts she would want us to buy for her birthday, and she replied with a big smile saying she wanted to have several Nintendo DS games. lol* She will be turning 16 yo this month but as you can see she's still playing those stuffs right now.. funny huh* Anyway, I am thingking of buying this cute gold bangle I've seen at Jewel Elegance. I hope, Alyssa will like this beautiful surprise gift!

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June 01, 2008

have a nice week!

Good morning everyone! How's your weekend? Ours, was great! We had some French friends who came over yesterday and spent the whole day with us. I've cooked our very own pinoy foods for lunch and glad they all loved it. Oh well, dapat lang noh.. lol* I must admit, pinoy cooking takes a lot of time to prepare.. unlike the french cuisine. wink*

Well, gotta go now but promised to visit you guys later! I need to do first the vacuum cleaning here.. I hate doing this, but no choice. poor mehhh:(

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