June 01, 2008

have a nice week!

Good morning everyone! How's your weekend? Ours, was great! We had some French friends who came over yesterday and spent the whole day with us. I've cooked our very own pinoy foods for lunch and glad they all loved it. Oh well, dapat lang noh.. lol* I must admit, pinoy cooking takes a lot of time to prepare.. unlike the french cuisine. wink*

Well, gotta go now but promised to visit you guys later! I need to do first the vacuum cleaning here.. I hate doing this, but no choice. poor mehhh:(


Mira said...

Hi Ams, our weekend was busy too. We went to a farm and shopped for more plants at a nursery. I still have to plant some of them ;-). Have a great week.Random Thoughts
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Lucille said...

madame unsa may imo giluto? syempre ganahan gyod sila sa imong luto, ikaw na gud na! :-) hassler na gani sa french cuisine, samot na jud sa sariling atin na luto no hehe
Among weekend a-okay pod, suroy2x lang kadyot ang mga unggoy sa lasang. :-)
maayo ka diha 1 floor ra i vaccuum, ako diri nilisngag na gyod samot tawon ang ilong saka-kanaog panghinlo. poor mehh pod :-)

Lou said...

Heheh madame buotan kaau ka *wink Our weekends are always busy.


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