October 05, 2007

50 ways to appreciate life..

1. Watch the sunset.
2. Smile more.
3. Complain less.
4. Surprise a friend with a call.
5. Develop your gifts.
6. Count your blessings.
7. Talk to someone in an elevator.
8. Breathe consciously once in a while.
9. Enjoy sneezes
10. Appreciate that your leg isn't broken.
11. Be unique.
12. Sing in the shower.
13. Put your shoes on the wrong feet and laugh at yourself or have someone laugh at you.
14. Make someone's day or night.
15. Stand on your head.
16. Stare at the world above you.
17. Play with an animal.
18. Slurp Jell-O.
19. Do something unplanned.
20. Plan to do something and have it go as planned.
21. Stand back and look in.
22. Appreciate a paradox.
23. Dive in.
24. Get grass stains.
25. Wave your hands in the air.
26. Swim with the fishes
27. Make maple syrup.
28. Climb a tree.
29. Spin in a circle once while walking to class
30. Tell someone they look nice.
31. Collect something.
32. Walk barefoot every chance you get.
33. Build a sand castle or a snowman.
34. Walk with no destination.
35. When all your exams are done, treat yourself to an ice cream cône.
36. Entertain yourself by making faces.
37. Don't just listen, try to hear.
38. Wear shoes until they're so old they won't stay on your feet.
39. Appreciate the primary colors.
40. When you wake up, realize you're alive
41. Walk in the rain.
42. Blow bubales.
43. Make the most of where you are.
44. Jump as high as you can.
45. Dance
46. Talk less and say more.
47. Exercise before you diet.
48. Learn to play chess.
49. Sit by a river.
50. Never lose your sense of humor.



Norm said...

wow! dae Amy,thanks for sharing this 50 ways to appreciate life....very nice...Happy Sunday...take care...laag sa ako blog ha...

kookie said...

wow as kaha ko magsugod ani kadaghan bah wink. good sunday queenie