December 28, 2007

All about Love

Once again thanks to Sunshinenorm for this one:)

here's the questions :

1) can ex-lovers be friends? For me, why not? Forget the past & go on w/the future.

2)do you think it's ok to date someone if ur committed already? I'm a one man woman.

3)what do u think is the biggest cause of a break-up? For me, it's infidility.

4)are u inlove w/someone at the moment? oui, avec l'homme de ma vie:)

5)are u missing someone at the moment? my family in pinas most especially this holiday season.

6)would you die for the one you love? yes, till life after death.

7)do you think love hurts? it depends

8)what's the best thing about love? love is understanding, giving and forgiving.

9)what's the worst thing about being love? yong di kayo magkasundo ng partner mo.

10) will you wait for someone u love? always, because i can't sleep w/out him by my side. wink*

11)what song best describes your life at this moment. everything i do.. i do it for you:)

12) do you wanna get married? i am happilly married for 16 yrs now:)

13)have u talked to the person u love on the phone? i talk to him in person, anytime, every minute. hehehe*

14)is love always on your side or the opposite way? on my side, always:)

15)do you have a gay/lesbian/bisexual friend? yes, in pinas.

16)are u sick of love? absolutely not.

17)are u sick of questions of love? nope

18)what are u going to do tomorrow? don't know yet.

19)what do u want so bad right now? i want my girl to be home at this time:)

20)do u think money is everything? money can buy everything but not happiness.

21)what song are u listening right now? nothing

22)what's the song that u last downloaded? christmas song

23)how much do u love music? about 50%

24)have u written ur own song? no, i'm not good at it.

25)what's the movie that you last watched? chinese movie "le secret des poignards volants" i love it!

26)do u believe in forever? yes, like diamonds. lol*

27)what's the last words you want to say to ur bf/gf/special someone? je t'aime beaucoup, passionnement, à la folie! wink*

Now, im happy to pass this tag to everybody who wants to answer..

Thank you for stopping by!!

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