June 07, 2007

five secrets

this morning, while having breakfast i checked my blog and there i've read Ivy's message telling me to visit her house kay duna kunoy "tagay" didto. :) to my curiosity, i hurriedly went and checked it out what kind of tagay she was saying.. abi naku tagay og tuba! ngeh.., tagay man diay sa sekreto. patay, kang bata ka! hibaw-an na jud atong mga tinagu-an ani doh. hehehe* Well, here's 5 things of me that you don't know yet.

My 5 secrets :

1) i love travelling, going on vacations in general.. but, don't like much travelling with airplanes. ambot ba! can't explain my feelings. tingali kon pwede palang mag auto padulong sa pinas.. mag auto nalang tingali mi. lol* sounds funny, but true!

2) I had a phobia with boats/ships. When i was young, my aunt and i went to leyte and it happenned that there was a typhoon at that time. the boat we were into almost didn't reached the port in good shape. Since then, wa na jud ko mosakay og otro.

3) I'm afraid of snakes, tiki, ulod, wati, bunlod (all reptiles in general) ambot lang! manglibawot jud ako balhibo og makakita ko ani mga mananapa.

4) Can stay on the phone for hrs.. talking about anything & everything. wink* Donc, mga amiga.. if you need someone to talk to.. you know where to find me. wink*

5)Last but not the least, A proud SAHM (stay-at-home mom) since i arrived here (France) way back in 1991 up to the present. From pinas ning retired nako diretso. lol*

Dhay Ivy thanks for tagging me.. mana jud akong assignment. Pila man akong grado? hehehe* Kinsa diay tong gusto mobuhat ani "tagay" feel free to make it. okidoki!

Have a great day everyone. God bless!

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