May 01, 2008

LVUTV is an online information and entertaining resource for high school students who wants to pursue thier studies in college. The site provides a complete Free Student Reviews of Top Colleges as well as traveled around the country and video taped interviews of students, faculty, alumni, and locals so you can watch first-hand accounts of college life, academics, dorms, local food and parties. Thier mission is to help high school students junior or senior that shows interest in attending college to make the best decision while keeping the stress-levels low by providing entertainment and social networking features. It is also useful for current and transfer students who are interested with other college cultures and activities.

So, if you are junior or high school students who are planning of entering college, then this website is of great help to you. Here you can make college comparisons based on College by Major, College by State, College by Size, College by Rank, College by Region, Student Loan center, Student Union and more. If you wish, you can have the possibility to watch live videos but before that, you need to register first. Don't worry, it won't cost you money at all, it is absolutely free! Try now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, You don't need to login to view videos. You can view them for free without logging in.